5 Awesome Android Apps To Make Reading for Fun on Mobile Devices

In the digital age as we have now, the use of Smartphones has become widely popular among the bookworms as a tool for reading. The introduction of eBooks for mobile technology further increases the growing numbers of Android users to prefer reading their favorite books using the convenience of their mobile devices. If you are one of the many Android phone users who like to read on your mobile device, here are some 5 awesome applications for your Android phone to make your reading experience more fun and comfortable.

Adobe Reader

This Google app will make it easier for you to access PDF documents or files to read using your mobile device. You can manage, access and share various PDF types of documents including password protected files and portfolios. The application allows you to easily search for text in order to find the document you want to read on your device. You also have the liberty to share the PDF documents you are reading to others by using the cloud sharing feature using the acrobat.com account. Not only does reading your PDF documents more convenient to do, it is also fun to have the ability of highlighting the text that you read or marking them and adding comments.


This is an application for Android devices that allows you to read thousands of ebooks that are available from its own book collections. There are many categories where you can find the books that you find to be fun of reading. You will certainly never run out of options when you are looking for an appealing book to read that suit your hobby, interests and preferences. The app also comes with a built in dictionary, Wikipedia and Google search features that further complement the kind of a reading experience you want to enjoy when using your mobile device.

Safari To Go

This Android app offers an online digital library to find various learning resources. You can find books, videos and interactive learning tools from the app and it makes reading more convenient and fun by giving you an access to pick up from where you left off when reading a Safari Book. It also offers a cache feature that can save at least three books to become available for offline reading. It also is also customized for a faster loading speed when using 3G and 4G from your Android phone.

Aldiko Book Reader

This is one of the best eBook reader apps for Android. It is a cool alternative for Amazon books and Barnes and Noble where you can find many ebook retailers using the app. You can easily download the book of your choice and even support books from public libraries. Its advanced feature is that you can import your books through its library management system where you can read them while on the go. You can also tag and categorize your book collections. It is fun to use this Android app because of its rich features that makes reading on your mobile device highly convenient and fun.


Reading comic books from your mobile device is fun and you can derive better ways of finding the best one to read when you are able to select from more than 20,000 comic collection from this app for Android. Comixology delivers crisp images to your device with a high pixel density and vibrant colors for a more fun and great reading experience using your Android device.

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