Bayou Fitness Pair Of Adjustable Dumbbells Review

Busy schedules leave little time for hitting the gym every day. Complete home workouts sync well with the daily routine of most office goers today. And when you are a fitness freak and want to pump up those muscles every day, dumbbells are the way forward. Bayou Fitness pair of adjustable dumbbells is not just your ordinary workout technique, but it is adjustable too. So can now adjust anything between 10 to 50 lbs. This is what makes them an excellent choice. You don’t have to worry about elevating your workout sessions just because of lack of enough weights.

What’s more? These adjustable dumbbells come with 5 lbs increments, and the weights are well made. The storage trays that come with the dumbbells are also sturdy. Another reason to pick these is the number of flexible training options these weights give you. The 5 in one dumbbells give you plenty of choices in exercises to choose from. There’s no need for multiple dumbbells anymore. Invest in one and enjoy the benefits of many.


5 in 1 Adjustable Dumbbells

They are very simple to adjust and convenient to use. This is not your turn and adjust dumbbells but are much easier to adjust as the weights are assembled firmly. You won’t find such convenient settings in any other dumbbell.

Excellent Locking Mechanism

Unlike the regular set up, this dumbbell has a metal tube which is attached to lock pin. This slides from the handle’s mid-point. This is the tube that holds the plates on the handle. They are simple to use, and there’s no way your plates can fall off the handle.

Chrome Plated Steel Construction

The grips are just what you can find in a gym. They come with sturdy plastic holders that keep your dumbbells safe. These dumbbells come with straight solid bar. The grip is that of roughed up steel, and you can feel the difference when you workout using these. This by all means is a solid product.

Perfect Design

These weights come with tiny U-shaped pieces of metal. These are the ones that fit between weight discs and handles. These are suitable for home workouts.

Multiple Exercises

If you want an overall workout plan by simply investing some money, this is it. From chest exercises to shoulder fitness plans, abdominal workouts to back, everything is taken care of by this set of dumbbells.

Lifts Up To 50 lbs

Whether you want something lightweight in the morning or want to up the ante of your workout sessions, you’ve got up to 50 lbs to take care of. And with a sturdy metal grip that holds it all together.


  • You can increase the weight anywhere up to 50 pounds. Start from 10 and work your way up with 5-pound
  • The settings start from 10 and work in numbers of 10-15-20, etc.
  • Bayou Adjustable Dumbbells work with an extensive range of fitness programs and work well with p90x.
  • It gives you more than 30 exercises to experiment with.
  • They come with metal bars that make lifting with straps possible.
  • Made of chrome plated steel in premium quality.
  • 75-inch length x 8-inch width x 9-inch height


  • Bayou Fitness Pair are cleverly designed to save space.
  • You don’t need multiple dumbbells anymore for various workouts.
  • Setting a new weight by using the sliding pin is relatively easy.
  • These are made of chrome-plated metal which is strong and sturdy.
  • The grip to handle is extremely comfortable.
  • Saves a lot more space as the nine separate sets of dumbbells are molded in one.
  • You can adjust the weight at each end of the dumbbells individually.
  • Its steel construction ensures that you are getting a premium quality product and significantly reduces the risk of any kind of damage.
  • One of the best dumbbells you can find in your home or gym.
  • This model also comes with two custom storage trays which help in keeping the dumbbells conveniently without any hassle.


  • Lifting over 50 lbs can be a problem sometimes as the stand sticks to the dumbbell as you make the lift. This can be taken care of if you do it tactfully, and it just creates a little sound during the lift. But this is not that big trouble.
  • Weight plates tend to rattle slightly while working out. This is a common issue among adjustable dumbbells.
  • The other drawback you might find is that these are too large for some workouts. This is why you have to be a little more careful while using them. It is not a big problem if you are using the complete 50lbs, but if you are using 10-20, you might find this a bit annoying.


When you want value for money, this is your product. If you are looking for something high end and luxurious, this isn’t your thing. The one thing Bayou Adjustable Dumbbells is that they promise you is value for money. It is for days when you crave for multiple workouts and do not want to spend exorbitantly.

The adjustments are really simple and it’s convenient to use. If you are scouting for adjustable dumbbells for the very first time, this definitely a deal to invest in. These help you perform everything from shoulder presses to bicep curls. The 9 different sets give you the opportunity to use these with lunges and squats too.

Bayou Fitness Dumbbell reviews by customers reveal that this is a model that gives many of its counterparts a miss. This is more due to its premium quality steel finish and an excellent grip.

This is a model that comes with an easy way to move pin system which makes the adjustments simpler. These pins are spring loaded to make things easier for you. So when you use them, you just need to pull it and adjust it according to your needs.

Perfect for beginners, bayou fitness pair of adjustable dumbbells serves fitness freaks well. An everyday use product.

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