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The video game industry has seen a perfect uptrend by the advent of the GBA by the famous gaming company, Nintendo. The GBA stands for Game Boy Advance which is a hand held device presented by the famous video gaming company. Fortunately, the device becomes so popular that the whole world got crazy for the GBA games. Now, it is the era of the computer games which present far more advanced graphical platform. Yet the craze of the old style GBA games is still on.

Now, people are looking for the advanced GBA emulator which can be sued on the PCs to give them the pleasure of the conventional style GBA console. Many of them have the ROMs that contain many exciting games of their lifetime. However, there are many emulators on the market which can be chosen as per the needs of the player as well as the requirement of the ROMs. Let’s have a look over some of the Best GBA Emulator for PC.

Best GBA Emulator for PC Download:



The ZSNES is the popular GBA game emulator which is available in the market at affordable rates. The emulator is presented in the popular game, SNES which were designed for the platform of GBA. The emulator has been uptimes for the graphics requirements of the SNES to make the Gameplay highly smooth and without interruption. ZSNES is the open source project which comes with the ROM of the SNES to make the deal better.


The best games of the Nintendo, Mario, can now be played freely without any technical hindrance as the Nesticle is available in the market as the best GBA emulator for the NES games. The emulator can be downloaded from the home page of the NESticle. However the ROMO of the game can be obtained from the Emuparadise. The technique to start your favorite game is simple. Just click on the ‘Open ROM’ option, choose the preferred ROM click play. There is no technical hindrance in the graphical compatibility as well as the smoothness of the Gameplay.



The ePSXe is another popular emulator which is designed for the famous PSX games which were famous for the GBA console. However, the emulator is not as simple to configure as it is in the other emulators of the Nintendo GBA. Hence, the download file and the full guide are available on the ePSXe homepage on the official website. But, it will; be much simpler than any other GBA emulator once you have known how to use it. The system involves the use of the Plug-ins which makes it a perfect emulator as it can be used with max platform and ROMs by altering the plug-ins.


To support the popular game, Genesis, the Sega Genesis emulator Gens are in the market. It works upon the master system which is one of the oldest emulating system, even prior to the Sega Genesis which required the card and cartridge input. The Gens can be downloaded on the Gens Homepage. Just like in the above cases, the ROMs can be obtained from the Emuparadise.

Project 64


The project 64 has been the best emulator for the N64 games. However, it can be a bit difficult to be used as the first takes of this project is to act as the emulator for the N64 games; hence, it syncs the resolution with that of PC to make the game better.

The above GBA emulator can be downloaded as described above (from their respective homepage). However the choice of the emulator totally depends upon the choice of the game as each emulator is specific for a particular game set.

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