5 Best Websites To Make International Calls From PC To Mobile

Every day we strive hard to stay in contact with loved one and relatives who are far away from your country. International calls are always expensive due to huge distance and connectivity issues. One could not call each day by using telecommunication sources because of which researchers have developed software that can make calls everywhere through PC to mobile. However, there are 5 best websites to make international calls from PC to mobile which are easily available on the internet via search engine.

Popular calling sites

Matrix.in: -One of the most popular and easy to use services is of Matrix. in. You can get the SIM card from this company easily even online. Over 150 countries a person could make calls and enjoy very less roaming rates as well as international calling rates. There are various options available for different plans. You can view all of them online and book instantly.


Call2.com: – this is another site where you can find out trail version of software free calling service. You need to sign in with your number and register for the free version. This version consists of some free minutes that is given for users as a trail of calling services. Call2.com is very popular as it was launched in 1996 worldwide. Now people use it every day from anywhere to make international calls from the origin without paying any penny. However, after trail version gets over you are supposed to buy the plan that is available on the website. Hence, the call rates will decline so much that you will feel a local is being made from your mobile.

Call anywhere

Nonoh.net: – this is another very cool website which allows users to make calls from their registered number to anyone number all over the globe without paying any fee. Simply go to the website and type your number as well as your friend’s number and then click on the call now to connect. This is the facility obtainable on both PC and mobile as well. There are certain charges taken as minutes plan from the service provider. To know more contact the provider at its official website.

Nonoh net

Jaxtr.com:- unbelievable international calls could be made easily from PC to mobile. Wao! So why are you lacking behind? It’s time to get your near and dear ones close by using best communication sources. Generally people do not know how to use complicated software in their phones which are launched by developers currently. Elders still find it convenient to call through a PC or directly from mobile. So this service is for those users whose beloved and friends are far away and they are desperate to talk without bothering their monthly pocket over call rates. Jaxtr.com is the similar website like call2.com. It is also providing the best quality trail version for free services and once you liked the facility, then certain packages are accessible for purchase on the website itself.

Cheap rates

Rebtel.com: – this is a provider network, which has over 196 destinations and one could easily connect to anyone’s number from PC by using registered ID and password that is given by the network provider to you for calling. It may give you free calling minutes in the package, but you have to buy the plan for international calls. It is obvious that all call rates are decreased by using minute plans, but no website is provided complete free international calling service for lifetime. However, you can trust the above mentioned websites for fabulous calling experience at very less rates.

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