How To Convert A PDF File To Word Document

With the advent of the IT era, there have been sharp rise in the demand of the text format document which can hold large amounts of data in the single file, without compromising the quality. The PDF document file format, by the Adobe Inc, served as the perfect solution. This format is versatile, need less space and has many features which are perfect for the e-books. Despite having such versatile features, the format is not compatible for the direct editing of the text in the PDF file. Hence, user needs to convert PDF File to Word Document in order to make any changes in the text editor. Finally, it needs to be converted it back to the PDF format so that it can be utilized for various operations.

There are three simple ways which can be used for converting the PDF file into the Word Documents. Let’s see the first technique which needs the Adobe Acrobat Tool.


Using Adobe Acrobat

1. Open the Adobe Acrobat Pro on the PC. Click on File Menu and choose ‘Open’ option from the submenu.

2. Choose the required PDF file from the dialog box. Once it is open, the file will be ready to be converted to the Word document.

3. Click on the ‘File’ menu and choose ‘Save As Another…’ option. The sub menu will provide the option for the other formats. Choose the Microsoft Word as the file format.

4. The process of converting the file will begin with the small progress bar at the bottom right corner. Once the progress bar finish, the file conversion process will be done. Your new file in the Word Document format will be ready to be accessed.

Apart from the above trick, there is a free online conversion tool as well. These tools are highly useful when there is no official adobe tool on the PC. These online conversion tools can be used anywhere, anytime whenever the user need to convert the PDF file to doc format for editing.


Using Online Conversion Tools

1. Visit a reliable PDF to word conversion online tool. The home page will describe the short outline of the process which is generally in every online tool.

2. Find the form which has the upload button. The upload button will open the dialog box which in turn will upload the PDF file on the server. Once the file is uploaded, the conversion will take place on the server side.

3. Finally, the website will ask for the email ID on which you want to get the link for the converted file. Some websites will directly provide the link to the converted file which will be public to all. Just click on the link to download the converted file on your PC.

Some of the popular online PDF to word file conversion tools are,, and


Using Freeware Programs

However, the user has the choice of converting the PDF file into the word document using the freeware convertor programs. These programs are downloaded once on the PC and can be used an unlimited number of times. Just make sure that the program that you are using is the freeware, not the trial version of the professional file conversion tool as it will be limited to a certain time period.

The commonly used freeware tools for converting PDF file to Word are iStonsoft PDF convertor, Free PDF to Word Doc Converter 1.1, and so on. All these software have almost similar specifications and requirements for the system.

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