How To Create A Hidden File On Android

In this Modern era of Digitalized Multi-media, the day-to-day Increasing trend of Smartphones has lead to name them All at one place device.

Their easy to use and one-touch facility has lead us to click and store pictures, videos, songs and different files without thinking even once!

But there always exists the need of privacy of an individual. There can be a few files which we don’t want to share with our friends and family and rather keep it private, Or there are few files which we don’t want them to show in our media players. And for that, there rises the subject of Hiding.

There are many tactics to hide an app on your android device but it’s difficult to find a Genuine one. so to make your task easier in this post we are listing the effective manual trick and top apps by which you can hide a file on your android device so that this file can be open by only you, no one can open the file without your permission.

Here are the few manual tricks to hide files or folders on Android Operated Smartphones :


Manual Trick to Hide App on Android Smartphones and Tablets

1. For this trick, you have to create a folder name HIDDEN in your File Manager(If you don’t have file manager, Install anyone from Google Play Store). Move all Your files That You want to hide in this folder. Now, RENAME this folder with a prefix ‘.’ (DOT)

Now NO APP like image viewer or video player can access to this folder! If you need to access it, just remove the prefix ‘.’

2. Open Notepad on your computer, and create an empty file. Name it .nomedia don’t forget to select all the files while saving the notepad file,if you don’t want to end up creating a useless file !

Now Using, USB copy this empty .nomedia file into all the folders that contains files you want to hide.

Restart your phone, and you will not see any unnecessary file that you wanted to hide in your media player image viewer app.

But If you Don’t want to bother to do this manually, you can easily download any app from Google Play store to do this job ! here are few apps listed to hide your files :

Top Apps to Hide App on Android Smartphones and Tablets


For Over 33K users so far,this app works flawlessly to hide pictures, songs, messages, calls, applications, videos in you phone.

This app cleverly conceal itself as a “AUDIO MANAGER’ in your appdrawer.

It can only up or down the volume for others, but for you long press it and hide it pro will launch!

Required android-2.2 and up .

Click here! to download this app from Google Play Store.


This app has pin or password login to hide files that you want. Millions of users have already given it 4.7 *(stars)

Click here! to download this app from Google Play Store for free !


you can put your pictures in the secret folder(which only you can access !) and lock them away ! Even you don’t need to sync to your computer and add what you want to the folder.

With average rating of 4.8/5 and over 400k users this app, this app lets you to create fake pin for those nosy people who wants to crack every pin they see and let them enjoy cracking the fake folder, when your secret folder is safe behind the screen.

Click here! to download this app from Google Play Store for free !

Ok here I finished the top tactics to hide any android app from your android device either smart phone or a tablet etc. Our top tips will surely make your device file, apps, pictures, videos, songs mp3 etc. all things on your android smartphone memory hidden either it’s internal or external memory so, that no one can open without your permission even your android device stole.

Do share your reviews with us which apps you found most helpful and fast. However, we enlisted all these apps after doing a deeper search in android market but still if you know any other app better this then please do tell us in comments so that our other readers can know about that.

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