Difference Between Blogspot And WordPress

Before knowing about the difference between these two, let’s us understand the benefits of blogs first:

The benefits of blogs – I would not define the notion of a blog, because most people already know. but, just information, I’ll give a little definition about the blog.

Blog is short for web log, is a web application that resembles the form of writings (published as a post) on a public web page.

Sense after you know the blog, did you use it?

Did you just create a blog, and after that you forget it?

Hmm, I’ve heard too many cases like that. And do you know the benefit of blogs?

Therefore I will tell about the benefits and advantages if you have a blog. (of course if treated and filled with good articles)

  • Blog is very easy to produce, by following the brief instructions, then the blog can be made.
  • Blog is very easy to maintain, including creating articles, installing widgets and other web tools.
  • Blog is very friendly with search engines, so you can profit, which get extra visitors from search engines, especially google.
  • Blog can be created by anyone, without exception, because now many free blog service providers, such as blogspot.com, wordpress.com and etc.
  • A lot of blogs that provide free hosting services, so you can store your files on the hosting for free.
  • You can get money from your blog.
  • Blog is a means of sharing information to all people, this could make your charity more and more.
  • You can get a friend of the blog, if you created an article that interests them and are very helpful for readers.

Okay, what is there in your mind now?

Let’s create a blog, and feel the benefits immediately.

Difference Between Blogspot And WordPress:

This was a very common question asked by beginner bloggers and even those people who want to start blogging though, because of course they have to decide which option best for the future of his blog.

Blogspot vs WordPress

Therefore, we must be smart to choose a type of blog / cms for our use. I will share experiences on blogspot and wordpress. But before, i have created an article about the benefit of blogs, if you have not read yet, please read it first.

I’ve known about blogging for 5 years, I am certainly not continuous in making an article or study in depth. It’s just that, to my knowledge using wordpress and blogspot made me write this article, which will surely help a friend in starting a blog are all good.

Different between Blogspot and WordPress:

Blogspot is a free blog provided by blogger.com, which in these blogs we can make a lot of blogs without any restrictions.

In this blogspot, we can modify the template / theme of the blog as we want.

More interestingly, this blogspot using the language of html, css is very easy to learn.
besides using the html, this blogspot provides the tools to support the accessories on our blog, called widgets.

In this widget, we can make a recent post, create a subscription form, create / install html code in the sidebar, make a related post, making the share button, create a category of articles, create menus, create a profile on blogspot, create a link / blogroll, make / install blog feed friends or your own blog.

WordPress is free blog provided by wordpress.com.It uses php language in a wordpress blog, the feature that is almost the same wordpress owned blogspot, namely the two both have a tool to create widgets.

But in using the wordpress plugin.

Ok, this is like an additional plugin support for blogs to make it more leverage in its use.

Essentially this plugin is not much different from the tools provided blogspot (widgets).

Conclusions from my usage over the past two years is: Blogspot is very easy to use and very fast in the index by search engines google.

And also with the ease of access makes us more loving html blogspot.

However, if you have been using hosting, I recommend to use wordpress, because all the plugins have been unlimited, which means you can get and wear your own plugins.

This is very different from wordpress.com as providers of free blog, wordpress plugin that provides unlimited.
so its conclusion, if you want to use a free blog, I suggest using wordpress.

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