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Download Kingroot APK: – Hello and Welcome to the popular Kingroot APK blog. As the name suggests itself, we developed this blog solely focusing on Kingroot APK Downloading. As you are here, we are sure you are looking to download the latest version of Kingroot APK which is v5.0.5. So, we will be covering each and everything about Kingroot net APK. So, let’s start and see what we have got for you here:-

King Root Download APK

Details About Kingroot Apk:

Kingroot APK is most famous and powerful tool to root any Android Device or Tablet device. With the increase of its popularity, the app is getting more advanced and bugs free. The developers have been continuously working on it and are adding more and more number of supported devices to it. Clearly, more than 104136 models are supported now. So, what ever device you have now, the high chances are that the model is supported by Kingroot already.

Kingroot is an app which will help you to root your android phone within a few seconds, but one thing you are to have is that, your android version will need to be from Android 4.2.2 and Android 5.1. So you see you can use this kingroot apk can be used in most of the android version till the lollipop version, so no tension even if you have the latest version of android, you will be able to use this app successfully on your phone for rooting your android phone.

But one thing you must know about this app is that, this kingroot app doesn’t work in all android devices like in Moto G and all the Nexus phone this app have some problems. But in the other android phone the app work very well.

Download Kingroot APK 5.0.5 For Android & PC:-

Well, before moving forward to install Kingroot APK on Android and start rooting your device, it’s the time to take a look at some of the most important points. Please don’t skip this section:-

  • Kingroot installation requires root access. So, Installing Kingroot APK on your Android Phone will void any current warranty that your device may have. Means that you will not get any official update from the phone company.
  • Rooting your device Android Device may brick or damage your phone any time which may lead it to complete death.
  • If your model phone is not on the list, it is not recommended to install and root your phone with Kingroot APK.
  • However, you can unroot your Android device any time after you install King Root APK, but it’s nice to stay on the safe side.
  • Just because you have rooted your phone doesn’t mean that everything is completed. You need master skills to perform post operations.

Features of Kingroot APK For Android/PC:-

King Root APK Download

So, hope you read the important points given above. If you agree to above-given conditions, you can now proceed forward to know the important features of Kingroot APK. So, let’s see what will you get when you install Kingroot APK on your Android Phone.

  • Kingroot APK is the most popular root app with the highest number of downloads.
  • It is the most trusted tool.
  • It supports the highest number of devices than any other competitive apps.
  • Kingroot currently supports more than 104136 models, so there are high chances that your phone model is already supported. Other apps are not even close to this number.
  • King Root APK is updated number of times than any other app in the market.
  • Developers have been continuously working on it to include more number devices to it and making it more bugs free and secure.
  • Highest Success Rate:- Kingroot has the highest number of success rate than any other app in the industry. It has a success rate of 98.2%.

Enable Android Phone To Install APK Files:-

You will get Kingroot APK file here which means that you will need to manually download it on your device and then install. Don’t expect it to be available on Google Play Store. Moreover, you should learn to enable installation from outside sources in case an App is not available on Google Play Store. Let’s see how to do it.

You may be thinking, How to Enable Android Phone to install apps from third-party sources other than Google Play Store? Right?

Follow these simple steps to install APK version apps from outer Sources:-

#1 Click on the menu of your Phone and Go inside Settings.

Android Phone Menu - Settings

#2 Click on Security Settings Tab.

Security Settings In Android Phone

#3 Scroll down the screen and look for “DEVICE ADMINISTRATION” section.

Enabling UNKNOWN SOURCES In Android Security Settings

Under this section, You will see an option to enable app installs from other sources other than Google Play Store.

Tap on “UNKNOWN SOURCES” option and enable it to install Kingroot APK on Phone.

Hope you have followed the steps as instructed and enabled the option. The instructions are pretty straightforward.

So, you are so excited about rooting your device now? You should be. So, let’s now see how to root your Android Phone with KingRoot APK:-

How to Install And Root Kingroot Android Phone:-

Unroot Android Phone Using Kingroot

Install Kingroot APK for Android is very easy process and so follow these simple steps to download Kingroot APK for Android:-

  • You need to follow this link to download Kingroot APK for Android.
  • If downloaded APK file on PC, then Transfer Kingroot APK to Android Phone.
  • Make sure you have enabled “UNKNOWN SOURCES” option already as instructed above.
  • Click on King Root APK and open the installation wizard.
  • In the next windows, it will show you the “Start Tool“.
  • Tap on the start tool and wait for some time. It will take some time to root your device.
  • If your device is compatible with the Kingroot root software, it will take some time and will show “rooted” on the screen. Congrats you have successfully rooted your Android Phone.
  • If you are unsure if your device is rooted or not, you can download Root Checker from Google Play Store to know if the device is successfully rooted or not.

Please share your valuable experience with us in the comment section provided below. Tell us if you were able to root your device successfully or not. Also, share your device Screen Shot with us.

What are the Advantages of Rooting Android Phone?

#1 Get Rid Of Bloatware Forever:-

Many smartphones come with pre-loaded with apps out of which many are completely useless. These apps do occupy a lot of storage and can’t be uninstalled easily. These apps are known as Bloatware. One can’t uninstall these apps simply and need to root Android phone to remove them.

Also, these apps occupy a lot of space on the phone storage which causes a lot of problem for new files. If you are not running an app, doesn’t mean that the apps are not running. Take an example of Facebook or any Anti-virus itself.

You are on a low budget phone, keeping your low capacity RAM busy in useless tasks doesn’t make sense. Moreover, such pre-loaded apps do use a lot of data, so if you are on low-quality internet connection, this is not a good idea to waste your limited internet bandwidth.

To remove them, rooting your phone and gaining administrative privileges is the only option in order to remove them from phone forever. So, what to do? Get rid of such apps by uninstalling them by rooting phone via Kingroot APK.

Important Note: – Some important apps from Android OS itself keep running in the background, so don’t remove them by mistake. The phone will damage forever, and problem will not solve even after hard resetting as you had root access to phone and removed them from device. So, better to take a backup of everything with Titanium Backup App before removing any app.

#2 Block All Unwanted Apps On Device:-

Popup Ads KingRoot APK

Yeah, that’s true. There are a lot of Smartphone companies which install bloatware and annoying popup ads in their custom skins. This bloatware keep popping up on the screen all day long, and we can’t find any way to fight with them. This is really frustrating for us.

Also, a lot of useful apps are available on the Play Store which is free of cost. But such apps make money by displaying relevant ads on screen while using a particular app. But this makes it annoying when ads pop up even if we are not using that particular app. The app owners are going too far now.

So, why not disable ads of such apps by using rooting apps like King Root APK.

#3 Enhance Battery Life:-

As we told already, these apps keep running in the background all day long which eats up battery like a monster. So, uninstalling such apps by rooting can really help in improving battery performance.

Moreover, apps from Android system itself which keep running in the background to perform several necessary tasks like receiving mobile signal, displaying time, alarm, etc. are essential and should not be touched.

However, there are certain apps available today in the market which helps in saving battery life like Clean Master, Greenify, Amplify Battery Extender, etc. You can use their hibernate feature to pause the apps which are not being used in the mean time.

#4 Advanced Level Of Skin Customization:-

Cyanogenmod Kingroot APK

Believe it or not, above described advantages of rooting are not in the list while thinking of rooting, but the CUSTOMIZATION is. Android being of open-source nature is well known for its customization, which is why Android Users are proud of having an Android and not iPhone :P. After rooting, you can touch the new height of customization.

Kingroot App is an advanced level of technology app which opens new doors of customization of Device for you. As you gain root and administrative privileges, this allows you to go beyond your limits and enhance everything on your OS. There are a certain number of custom apps available in the market which you can download and improve the look and user-interface if your device with custom themes and skins.

CyanogenMod, as you know, is most popular custom ROM which contains features like lock screen gestures, DSP equaliser, CPU overclock and underclocking. The best thing about CyanogenMod is that it has a complete theme engine by which you can give any look to your smartphone.

One more excellent custom ROM you can find is Paranoid Android with awesome features like UI customization, floating notifications and multitasking, gesture controls and hidden navigation PIE mode. The big problem with them is that they only support limited or selected number of brands or models. You can get the list of supported devices here. Check out yourself and see if you are supported or not.

Moreover, rooted devices and ROMs support unreleased versions of Android OS which are not publicly supported yet. So, there are a lot of advantages of having a custom ROM Android Device. Now it’s all up to you.

How To Unrooted The Rooted Android Device?

Yes, you heard it right. You can revert back your Android Phone from root mode.

Rooting your Android Device does void any existing warranty from its manufacturer. So, it is good to know how to unroot back any rooted Android Device. Follow these simple steps and get the things done:-

  • Install SuperSU from Google Play Store.
  • If downloaded SuperSU APK file then installs it manually on the phone.
  • Open the app and scroll down and click on “Full Root” option.
  • Based on your device configuration, it will take some time, congrats your Device is rooted successfully now.

Install Kingroot For PC To Root Android Devices Directly:-

Kingroot Download

Some users complain that when there is an independent version of Kingroot for Android Devices, why one will bother to use Kingroot PC version. But Kingroot For PC version has more number of supported devices than the Android version. So, better go with PC version for easy rooting. We have included the Kingroot English version here, so you don’t need to worry at all. Kingroot English version will be easy to understand than Chinese:-

Download Kingroot English App on PC and complete the install process by following on-screen instructions. Open the app and connect the Android Phone to PC. It will automatically detect the Android Device and will take some time to install compatible drivers. Make sure that you have an active internet connection.

Enable debug mode on your device. The next screen will open. Click on “Root“. Rooting will begin on percentage basis. It will take some time and show you “Device Root Successfully” notification. Congrats you have successfully rooted your device. Also, if you didn’t like Kingroot APK, then you can check Kingo Android Root.

Frequently Asked Questions About KingRoot App

#1. Will my mobile be safe after rooting is done?

-> Yes. Although Android has some vulnerabilities but the unique security engine of KingRoot ensures that your device is safe from all type of vulnerabilities.

#2. Will my device’s warranty be void after rooting it?

-> In most cases, warranty of the device will be void after rooting. Before rooting, you should always make sure to take a backup of all your data. Also, the warranty of the device can still be enjoyed if the root is thoroughly removed. However, as different mobile companies have different policies, you should consult with them first.

#3. I’m not able to install the app. Please help.

-> If the app isn’t installing on your device it may be because the apk file may have been corrupted. Make sure you run a full system scan to search out for malware and viruses and then download a fresh copy of the app once they are eliminated. Scanning your system and clearing it up will most likely fix the issue. Now you should be able to install the app successfully on your iOS device.

Final Thought On How To Install Kingroot APK:-

Kingroot is the most popular app for rooting any Android based device. Rooting and installing a custom ROM is fun. It will either make or break your Android Device. So, better recommended is to buy an already custom ROM device. So, how did you liked this useful tutorial on How to Download And Install Kingroot APK on any Android Device.

We hope you liked this article on King Root APK. If you are still facing any kind of problem installing and rooting your Android Device. Thanks for visiting Kingroot APK blog. Keep visiting here for more info on KingRoot App. Thanks, Bye :D.

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