How To Fix USB Device Not Recognized Error In Windows

If your Computer’s Windows Show this Error “USB Device Not Recognized” While Plug in any device likes Pen Drive, Card Reader, and Data Card Etc. that mean you are not able to connect the device and struggling with USB ports not working or Fix USB Device Not Recognized Error, These Ports are very important to connect other devices Camera, USB mouse, and keyboard. So here, I love to tell you How to Fix the Error of USB Device Not Recognized in the Windows.

USB Ports Not Working – To Fix the Error there is Multi-Methods but I prefer to tell you Four of them which is working better than others methods, So Let’s Come to Fix the error with these 4 working methods :-

  • Method 1. Unplug your Computer
  • Method 2. Try To Re-install the Device
  • Method 3. Try To USB Troubleshooter
  • Method 4. At Last Uninstall USB Devices

Fix USB Device Not Recognized Error

If you are facing this error try this method to fix it, These methods are easy and working. so follow these step it may be helpful to you to fix the error. This is a screenshot of error ” USB device not recognized.”

Method 1. Unplug Computer

  • The Most Commonly way to fix the error unplug the computer power supply. If USB device not recognized first of all try this method. many times this simple method works in resolving the error.
  • you have to do nothing just unplug the USB port and shut down the system and remove the power supply plug from the system.
  • after waiting 2 minutes restart your computer system and then again plug in the USB port. It enables to the motherboard to clear cache and after it, your device can working properly. if this method is not working follow the second step to fix the problem.

Method 2. Re-install The device

The second step is quite easy to follow, if USB port stopped working then you can fix the error by this second method just re-install the device. Let’s see how to re-install the device.

  • In the search bar type devmgmt.msc or go to control panel and open the device manager. after it, device manager window is pop-up.
  • Now Click on disk drivers and double click on it, there you will see the unknown device. Now right click on unknown device and uninstall it. after click on uninstall device you will get a confirmation message to really want to uninstall it. Click on OK.
  • Now you need to unplug the USB drive from the computer system and plug it again. In the bottom right corner of the taskbar, you will see a dialogue box saying “USB drive has been successfully installed.”

Method 3. USB Troubleshooter

If both the above methods is not working In your system, then you can also use this method this is the third method to solve the issue. Download Windows USB Troubleshooter Fixit tool from Microsoft. This tool is freely available and working properly in Windows 7, Vista and windows XP.

In this troubleshooter Which you downloaded, you can select the Detect The Problems and Apply the Fixes For me or also you can select the second option to fixes the error yourself.

I would recommend you to select the first one recommended method and check it works or not. if the problem is not solved then try to follow this last method.In the Last Method, you need to Uninstall USB devices so do it carefully. because If you uninstall the USB device which is working well it would be harmful to your computer system.

Method 4. Uninstall USB Devices

After trying to above all three methods you can also fix the error by Uninstalling the USB Devices from Universal Serial Bus controllers. Let’s See how it works.

  • Same as the Method Second go to Control Panel and Open the Device Manager.
  • Attach the USB device which is not recognized and you want to fix. Now Click On Universal Serial Bus controllers.
  • In the Universal Serial Bus controllers you can see the unknown USB devices with the yellow sign. right Click on it and select the uninstall.
  • After to Uninstall it restart your computer system and reinstall the USB device again by just plug in.
  • Now it will start working Properly.

Remember while uninstalling any USB device in the device manager from Control Panel you need to be wary uninstall the correct USB device.If you uninstall the device which is not your device then you can face the problem in Computer System.

So, These are Four methods of Fix USB Device Not Recognized Error, Hope so one of them is helpful you to fix the problem. These all are working method tell us which method is useful for you in the comment section. If you Liked the article then must share it with your friends on Social Network.

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