Official : How to Hide “Last Seen” From WhatsApp Profile

WhatsApp has recently been acquired by Facebook. This deal has put every people in a big thought, why Facebook has acquired this messenger that too with such a huge price tag. Well, being World’s best Social Networking website, Facebook knows the power of users to the site. Recently Facebook has noticed that the most people don’t want to go online to chat on with their friends on Facebook Messenger, and they found WhatsApp as the best alternative to this.

Day by day active users of WhatsApp being increased and hence Facebook has decided to acquire this most popular IM app, WhatsApp which is available for free for all smartphone platforms. Well, WhatsApp has a feature of Last Seen which shows other at what time you have opened the app. Most of the users have found this features a bit annoying and they wanted to hide it. Well, after releasing an official new upgraded version, you can actually hide this feature. We are going to guide you on how to hide “Last Seen” from WhatsApp Profile. Details are as follows!

In addition, you should know the highness of this Messenger. WhatsApp has over a Billion monthly active users. This number in rapidly being increasing day by day. There are numerous reasons affect to the number of users of WhatsApp. The very first thing is its instant services.

You can chat instantly on real time without waiting too much. You can see who’s responding to your messages and much more things. People find it very helpful too. With this, users can share unlimited amount of texts, location, pictures, videos, documents, contacts and much more, right from this single app. Isn’t that amazing? I am sure you too are addicted to this Messenger as it gives you an access to get connected with your loved once on the go!

WhatsApp automatically sync your contacts list, so that you need not to add contacts manually. Apart from everything else, there are people who eagerly have been waiting for WhatsApp to introduce this Hide Last Seen feature. And see it’s already here with its upgraded version.

We all knew that Facebook will definitely get us something cool this time and as expected, it’s being rolled out. If you have yet not seen this feature, don’t worry. Following step by step guide will get you all the proper details to hide Last Seen from your own WhatsApp’s profile so that no one would see when did you use WhatsApp last time.

Official : How to Hide “Last Seen” From WhatsApp Profile

Step 1 :

The very first thing you need to do is, upgrade your current WhatsApp version. If you are using a Android smartphone, go to your Google Play Store, open WhatsApp and hit the Update button. Same for all the other smartphones.

You must be wondering why to upgrade this app? Well, WhatsApp has totally been changed and it came up with a number of different and innovative features inside. To hide your Last Seen, you have to upgrade this app anyhow.

Step 2 :

Now, once you upgraded the app, tap on to the WhatsApp icon and go to your profile’s settings option.

Step 3 :

Go to your profile’s privacy settings.

Step 4 :

In the Privacy Menu, you would see a couple of more options, where you can see Last Seen, Profile Photo, Status and Blocked Contacts.

Step 5 :

Tap on to the first option, Last Seen.

Step 6 :

It will ask you to choose the audience who can see your last seen timings. There are three different options there to choose the audience, Everyone, My contacts or Nobody. You can change this accordingly.

Step 7 :

Tap on to Everyone’s radio button and you’re done! No one would be able to see your profile’s last seen timings. You have just got rid of this annoying feature of WhatsApp.

To do it instantly, follow the below given path.

WhatsApp >> Menu >> Settings >> Account >> Privacy >> Last Seen

The above path needs to be followed first if you want to hide out this feature from your WhatsApp’s profile. Many of its users have already done this feature activate so that no one could see their last seen timings from their profiles.

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