How To Clean Car Dashboard

  1. Clean the car dashboard using a vacuum cleaner to suck dust. Keep the tip of a vacuum cleaner having a feathered edge, so as not to scratch the car dashboard. Vacuum is hard to reach places if you get yourself a length of hose pipe. Your hose pipe is probably long enough that you can spare 20″, all you need to do is place one end of the hose between thumb and fore-finger and cup your hand over the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner. This narrow extension not only enables you to get into those hard to reach areas down the side of the centre console, but it actually has more suck.
  2. Use baby wipes and a little baby OIL on plastic or wooden car dashboards, the wipes deep clean the console and the baby oil gives it a good shine making it look like new. The wipes also leave an anti-static layer.
  3. Clean the sidelines of a car dashboard, such as between the lattice air conditioner, radio tape, and others with the brush or a fluffy brush. Avoid using a toothbrush, because it can scratch and cause abrasion. To local AC grid, use the mini brush (for painting), toothbrushes, micro fiber cloth, cotton bud, and liquid multipurpose cleaner (MPC), which is usually referred to as deagreser, which contain acid. Brush and brush work to remove the germs that stick to the grill. To dust, use a mini brush without using cleaning fluid. To use deagreser fluid, there are rules of use, which is mixed with water in 1:8 ratio for light impurities, and the ratio of 1:4 for the dirt that has been severe. Fluids should not be sprayed directly into the lattice, because the stools will actually go into the hole AC. We recommend using a cotton bud which was sprayed with a liquid MPC.
  4. Freshen up – To rid of stale odors from the ventilation ducts, try spraying odor eliminator into the system’s air intake, which is usually located at the base of the windshield. Then run the air conditioner full blast for at least 10 minutes.
  5. If you have ink stains on the leather, you can remove it with cuticle remover — not nail polish remover! Just put some on the stain and let it set in anywhere from 10 minutes to overnight and then wipe it off.
  6. Avoid liquids that contain silicone because it can stick on the dashboard of a car when conditions dry out. Also will make the driver dazzled by sun reflecting silicon. In addition to the dashboard so that the surface looks less attractive because oily.
  7. Avoid using polish the tires on a car dashboard. Because it can make the surface becomes cracked.
  8. Avoid using soap dab or detergent to clean car dashboard, because it can make a dull surface of the dashboard. Use soap dab or detergent that too often even able to make the color of car dashboard become faded
  9. Use a special cleaning fluid dashboard that water based or contain UV protection, so that the car dashboard increasingly resistant to sunlight.
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