How To Get Adsense Approval In First Attempt

Adsense is one of the trusted and best ads network by Google to monetize your blog or website. There is many other ads network which pay you very well to monetize your blog but Google Adsense is best than others In any comparison and this is the first choice of every blogger which comes on mind after creating a blog. Here is How To Get Adsense Approval.

Some People start blogging to become popular on the Internet and some start for Passion. But many of us start blogging for making money with adsense. Newbie bloggers apply for adsense without research about the basic and without knowing about How To Get Adsense Approval rules of adsense and finally they rejected.

Recently, I approved my adsense account also after 2-3 tried. Firstly when I apply my adsense, I get failed to approval my account but after reading article about adsense I found my mistakes and start working on my blog.

After applying Adsene policy on my Blog, I apply for adsense and finally got approved. So I shared my personal experience about the reason why google adsense reject you and how to get adsense approval.

The only one thing which really matter in blogging is “Quality”.

What Is Google Adsense.?

Google AdSense is one of the Trusted and Oldest Ads publishing company. If we do our work in the better way then we can make lot of money with adsense. The one thing which is really important for every blogger that google adsense paying rate is better than all the other ads network, this is biggest reason for choosing google adsense.

So Let’s come to know How To Get Adsense Approval.

Why AdSense Reject an Application

There Is a List of some common reason for why Google Adsense reject your application. and after it you can also read How To Get Adsense Approval. So let’s take a look a what is that.

  • Insufficient content : The very first thing which I want to tell you about Insufficient Content. First time when I apply for adsense my application is rejected because of this issue. That is very common issue for every newbie blogger. It means that your blog and website do not have enough content or enough text. If your website or blog contain copyright materials or illegal materials such as cracking, hacking, pirated software then your Google AdSense application will disapproved because google doesn’t allow adsense on such blogs.
  • Design : If your blog or website is poorly designed and under construction then your adsense application will not approved. It is Important to make good looking blog if you want to adsense approval.
  • Site Does Not Comply With Google Policies : AdSense reject your application If no unique, meaningful and rich content in your blog, the blog is not getting organic traffic from google or other search engine, The Content which is not valued for the users, user’s bad experiences and the poor designs. your blog also rejected for language which is non-supported. Check here which AdSense Supported Languages.
  • Important Pages : About Us, Contact Us and Privacy policy are some very Important pages for blog or website. If you have no such pages then Google disapprove you application.

How To Get Adsense Approval

If you really want to adsense, then must follow these rules. Get adsense approval is not a difficult task If you follow some policy. There is short list of requirements to get adsense approval. If you follow these rules then you definitely Get Adsense In First Attempt. So Let’s see How To Get Adsense Approval.

1. Write Unique, High Quality & Attractive Content :-

You know “Content is King” . Your earning, your traffic, your success is everything Content. If you can write better then everything is in your control. To get adsense approval its very important to write unique, High Quality & attractive content which is valuable for reader.

And remember never copy from the other blogs write in own words. and It is important to write a article in 500+ words. Try to write 100% unique and rich article which is 500+ words.

  • Always add ALT tag in Image, Every Little thing is matter in Adsense.

2. Use Top Level Domain :-

Top Level Domain Is matter a Lot. Along with the good blog post a Custom Domain is must for Adsense. Google adsense never approve on sub-domain such as, Its Important to have a .Com , .Net or .In Like Our Domain name . So I recommend you to Purchase a Domain from Godaddy or BigRock in Cheap Price.

3. Important Pages :-

To Get approve adsense About Page, Contact Page and Privacy Policy Page is Most Important. These Pages play a major role to get adsene. below is some basic info about that pages.

  • About Us : To make a trust for user and also for adsense team you must have about us page, In which you can describe about your blog and also about you.
  • Privacy Policy : Privacy Policy page is also very Important. Google Team will check the privacy policy page and check your blog is comply with the Google adsense policy or not. The Privacy policy page use to tell that you are not a scam and gives sense about serous business and from where you are taking user’s info and what to do with this. Around the Internet there is many Privacy Policy Generator which helps you to make privacy policy page easily.
  • Contact Us : This Page tells the google that we are for our readers, We care of our visitors. And we help them. They can speak with us any time about any reasons. So Create a Contact Page Its Important to adsense approval.

If you have no these pages then you can’t get adsense. before applying adsense make sure you have above pages. you can also add Disclamer and Terms & Condition pages for increase chance to get approve.

4. Domain/Blog Age :-

According to Google adsense policy you blog must have 6 Month old. Can you wait for 6 months..??

No ! Am I Right.?

Don’t worry you can get adsense before 6 months. Just Writes Quality Content and write pages which I mentioned above. and remember that your domain age is 45+ days.

5. No. Of Articles :-

No. Of articles is Not matter, Matter is your content quality. There is many bloggers who making money to adsense with 10-15 blog post and there are also numbers of bloggers who are rejecting with 100+ blog posts.

On My Blog ( ) Adsense is approved with only 7 Blog Post.

Acc. to me write 15+ high quality content and then apply for adsense.

6. Copy Content :-

Many of newbie blogger just copy content from another blog and post on their own blog, apply for adsense and got dis-approved. It is Wasting of time to copy-paste. If you are serious in blogging then write article in your own words and never copy from other blogs.

7. Traffic :-

For the Adsense Traffic is not big point, But To earn money its Important to get a traffic. Think seriously without the traffic what do you do with adsense.

So traffic is Important to earn money not only with the google adsense, you can get traffic just write rich content and also from social network.

8. Logo :-

A Logo is identity of your blog, It is Important to improve your blog design with the logo. you can buy a logo or also create yourself. A only Logo can’t give you adsense but there is no lose to have logo.

9. AdSense Policy :-

You read it.?

No! I Know

To get adsense Read the Adsene Policy and follow on your blog. You can definitely get adsense if You follow these Google adsense policy.

10. Ads by Other Ads Network :-

If you are using other Ad Network such as Chitika, Infolinks & Clicksor or any other then its time to remove all ads from your blog. Google doesn’t allow user to use other ad network. So before applying remove it and never use until the adsense fully approved.

11. Theme/Template :-

Theme Is establish a good interface b/w reader and blog. Use the responsive Theme or Template which is looking good. Best Design is very Important to get a adsense approval. So you can buy a responsive theme and also there are free themes available.

12. Blog Title and Description :-

It is not necessary to title and description for your blog but it is positive way to have a title and short description for your blog to get adsense approval.

So These are the Simple Rules, To get a adsense approval. Follow that rules and easily approve adsene. If your blog have all these above eligibility then nobody stop you to got approve.

Remember :- ” Content Is King ”

How To Apply For Adsense

You can follow these simple steps for apply for google adsense to review your blog or websites. So Let’s see How to apply for Google Adsense.

  • If you already apply for adsense and dis-approved then not apply again and again before resolving the issues.
  • you can sign up and apply for adsense on Official Website
  • Fill your info. correctly, Must enter your custom domain not sub-domain.
  • Create your ad unit in any size and place on your blog’s sidebar.
  • Now, Just wait for the mail from google adsense.

Final Words :-

After Knowing Google adsense policy I able to Got approved and also you can use above rules to Get Approval. Hope so, In this article you found your answers of questions to How To Get Adsense Approval and no need to go search any more on google. If you have any problem about How To Get Adsense Approval then feel free to ask me in comment section below and also don’t forgot to share with your friends on social media. Follow the all above Killer Tips and Tricks to Get AdSense Approved very Easily. Happy Blogging & Stay Tuned.

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