How To Maintain Your Old Car

When you have an old car that is still regularly being used, it is important to perform regular maintenance to make sure that it stays in good running condition. Here are some useful tips on how to maintain your old car.

Change the engine oil regularly

The engine oil must be replaced regularly. It does not matter if you use a high performance or regular motor oil. What’s important is you change it regularly to ensure that the engine is lubricated properly. The car manual says you have to change oil every 5 thousand kilometers (3000 miles) but this is when your car is still relatively new or within five years old.

If your car is more than ten years old however and still being used regularly as it was before, it may require you change oil every three thousand kilometers (2000 miles). This is because the piston is no longer as new and requires to be more lubricated.

Clean the air-con regularly

The air-conditioning system must also be cleaned regularly. Once a year is already good enough depending on how frequently the car is used. This will help you maintain good cooling system and save you the costly replacement of major parts like condenser, evaporator and even compressor.

Clean the brakes

Every time you change engine oil, it is best to have your brakes checked and cleaned. The service man will use pressurized air to clean it and it will take out the dirt and grime.

Replace old spark plugs

The rule is to replace spark plugs every 10,000 kilometers ( 5000 to 6000 miles). But there are new kinds of spark plugs that have a very long life like platinum and especially iridium. If you are using the ordinary type, it is best to replace them every 5,000 miles. Defective spark plugs can cause your car to consume more fuel and erratic rev that affects the pick-up

Wheel alignment

When the tires are not balanced or aligned, you will see them having an uneven outer lining. This will make you consume more fuel and also shorten the lifespan of your front tires. While at it, see if you also need to have your camber adjusted.

Replace timing belt

Most new cars have a timing gear now but old cars still use the timing belt. If the timing belt suddenly breaks, it will destroy your cam shaft and the labor cost as well as replacement of parts can cost a lot of money.

Always check belts

You have the belts for the alternator, engine, and compressor. Most cars have three belts and you have to check each of them for signs of getting worn out. If the belt for the alternator suddenly breaks while you are driving at night, you might lose your lights and will not be able to use the air-con either.

Wash it

Finally, regularly wash your old car. Make its paint shine by rubbing it with wax. This will make it look good and can also give you the feeling of being fresh. It is nice to drive an old but clean car.

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