How To Set Up A Wireless Router

Nowadays, most of the network companies can use the default IP address in the production of devices. This will help the user to administer the software installs and also provide the user to have access the internet connection as well as solve the problems easily. However, you can be done everything with this IP address by just login to the Once you login to this specific internet protocol address, you are able to make relevant adjustments in the wireless router with ease.


Configure the following settings to set up the wireless router

Setting up the wireless router has becoming an important step for any home network. There are more and more devices needed to connect to the wireless networks for establishing the connection in the wireless router. Once you establish the connection, you are able to access the devices from anywhere in the home without any need of messy wires. Before making a connection on your router, you need to have the computer with wireless network adapter and also requires an active high speed net connection. In order to set up your wireless router, you just follow the steps given below,

  • Initially, you have to connect the wireless router to your network device such as modem by using an Ethernet cable.
  • Now, you connect the router device to a power source and wait for a few minutes.
  • In the notification area, you click on the network icon, which looks like a sequence of vertical bars with a wireless network adapter.
  • It shows the list of available networks, so you can select the specific wireless network in order to complete the wireless router set up process successfully.
  • By default, the name of a router manufacturer and the network name will always be same.

Generally, the wireless router set up process is always easy and simple to do as quickly as possible. But if you have problematic wireless routers, you might need a little more attention to set up the connection. In some cases, the users can feel frustrated due to the failure for setting up the wireless router. In such a case, you just follow any one of these strategies that include,

  • Set up the wireless router using the setup software
  • Configure the router manually without setup software

Set up the wireless router using the setup software

  • First of all, you have to make sure that the wireless router is completely disconnected from the network device such as modem, power source and the computer.
  • Now take a disc came with your router or download the new version of the router’s setup software from the site and insert the disc on your PC.
  • You should follow the screen instructions properly in order to connect the components in a specific order such as modem and PC.
  • Before setting up the wireless connection, you just try to connect your router to the PC through an Ethernet cable. This requires creating a wireless network name and password.
  • If anything goes wrong, you do not worry about that rather simply follow the manual steps to configure the router set up.

Configure the router manually without setup software

When compared to set up the connection using the setup software, the manual configuration is much easy and simple to follow.

  • First of all, you connect the wireless router to the modem with the Ethernet cable.
  • You should also connect the wireless router to a power source and wait for a few seconds until the router is fully operated.
  • Now, you log into the web interface of your router by navigating a web browser and then type the IP address of your router device into the address bar. Here, the IP address is
  • Once you login to the above address, enter the default username and password that you can find it in your routers manual.
  • For setting up the network name and password, you can use the web interface to set up.
  • Finally, you disconnect the computer from the router and then reconnect it wirelessly.

Steps to set up the router automatically

If you are using the windows OS, you can easily set up the router automatically. Here are some important steps to be followed,

  • Take a router device and plug into the power source. This will automatically connect the wireless router to your PC.
  • In order to connect to the network, you just tap on settings and select the specific network that you want to connect to it.
  • Now, you click the default browser and identify your router manufacture name.
  • Tap the specific network that you want to connect and follow the instructions to connect the network device.

Generally, the router’s password is common for all devices, so you can also change the default administrative password of your router according to your wish. Therefore, the router set up is always easy to perform in all these ways.

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