IntelliScreenX for iOS 7 – Download & Installation Guide

The process on downloading and installing IntelliScreenX for iOS 7, or any post jailbrake software for that matter, can be carried out with minimum hassles and time consumption. Jailbreaking is the process of removing the access boundaries and limitations applied by Apple on iOS, which is the operating system used in all the Apple devices like iPhones, iPads and iPods.

The Apple devices have the authority to download applications and software available only on the Apple Store. This limits the variety that the consumer can access and in case there is a software or application that one likes but is not available on the Apple Store, then there is no option but to let go. Jailbreaking allows the user to access the system files and hence the download and installation of software and applications from places other than Apple Store becomes possible. There are a number of free applications available online which assist in automated jailbreaking.


IntelliScreenX is one of the applications which can be installed on iOS7 to greatly increase the functionality of the lock screen if the iPhone. Once installed, this software gives the feature to compose SMS, view mail, view RSS feed Twitter updates and most used applications – all while the phone screen is locked. Further, it populated the top row of notifications window and features can be accessed from there as well.

The process of downloading and installing IntelliScreenX is as follows –


Step 1 – Open a Web Browser like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, IE etc.

Step 2 – Either enter the address of the website from where the download link of the application can be availed or enter the address of a search engine from where the relevant website can be found.

Step 3 – Once on the website, download the zip file containing the .deb package

Step 4 – Unzip the .deb file

Step 5 – using iFile, upload the .deb package on the iPhone

Step 6 – Once the .deb package is visible on the screen, click on it.

Step 7 – On clicking on the package, a pop up will come up containing various options. Select ‘Installer’

Step 8 – This automatically initiates and completes the installation.

Step 9 – Restart the iPhone and go to ‘Settings’

Step 10 – check the list of applications, if IntelliScreenX is available there it means the software has been installed successfully.


Once the installation has completed, one can lock the screen and enjoy the variety of options and services which make iPhone usage a completely new experience.

The main features of IntelliScreenX are –

1 – Option to type message instantly by clicking on the icon available at the left corner bottom on the screen.

2 – View live RSS feed which comes with an option to slide.

3 – A pane of options aligned to the right side of the lock screen. The options include single touch access to mail, social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, RSS etc. The pane further supports the features associated with the applications in the pane. For example, once the mail is opened, there is option to read mail, compose mail, and send mail. If Twitter is opened, options like mentions, tweets, reply to a tweet, retweet etc. are available.

4 – A dropdown list of most used applications on the phone which is pinned to the left top corner of the lock screen.

5 – Additionally, the feature to open applications from the dropdown list and simultaneously control the breadth of the application window.

6 – Once the phone is unlocked, the options available on the right side pane of the IntelliScreenX for iOS 7 tend to auto populate the notification window.

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