4 iOS Apps To Improve The Productivity Of Your Small Business

Ever wondered how to improve the productivity of your small business? Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s not that difficult. The key to achieve maximum productivity is to get organized. As the owner of the company it’s your job to run your business efficiently. You can use mobile apps to whip your company into shape and increase your profits. Mobile apps are either cheap or free, and they’re easy to use, which makes them the perfect tool. Here are 4 iOS apps to help you improve the productivity of your small business:

Employee Tracker Pro

Every employer wishes to keep a close eye on his employee, just like the NSA keeps an eye on all of us. However, it’s not possible to spy on hundreds of employees at the same time. I mean for the employer, the NSA can spy on millions of people. ‘Employee Tracker Pro’ can do what the employer can’t. It records every detail about the employee, including his timings and work progress. This information can be helpful in weeding out those who aren’t serious about their work or those who are consistently late.


It’s not just your employees that need to be organized. You have to lead by example, only then will people follow you. ‘Evernote’ is a personal assistant that can help you remain organized on the go. If you lack the memory of an elephant, or so they say, then this app can remember things for you. Note down your meetings, your tasks and other important things so Evernote can remind you of it. Having Evernote can save you the trouble of hiring a secretary. You’ll be saving money by replacing a person with an app.

When I Work

Preparing a schedule for your employees is always a problem. When employees have nothing to do, they huddle around the corridor sipping water from the filtered water cooler. To prevent that from happening you should use the ‘When I Work’ app to prepare an air tight schedule and keep them busy. After all, you’re not paying them to remain idle. This app is especially useful when your employees are working outdoors. It’s possible to make sudden changes to the schedule and notify your employees about it through this app. It really makes the job of an employer much easier, so that he can concentrate on more important things.


Dropbox is one app that you must download, especially for your office use. It makes it easier to share files on the go. If your employees work outdoors most of the time, then this app will prove to be useful more than once. They might forget an important document back at the office and leave without it. Due to cloud computing it’ll be easy for them to retrieve the document. There are many benefits to Dropbox that you may not realize until the need arises. Working on the cloud can give your office portability, which means you’re never stuck in one place.

Organizing your business can help improve productivity. Use the apps mentioned here to organize your company today.

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