Kingo Android Root 1.5.0 Download For PC & Android

Download Kingo Android Root: – Today we are going to talk about Kingo Android Root App to download for PC and how to install it. We will also be talking about Kingo Android Root APK For Android Phone in order to gain root-level access to Android Phone and modify the phone to any extent he wants just like King Root APK. So, let’s get started and see what we have got for you:-

Download Kingo Android Root APK

Kingo Android Root is an application developed specially for Android-based devices to gain root-level access to them. Root level access does provide administrative privileges to the users. If you have root level access then you can modify your Android Phone to any extent, for example, Installing Custom ROMs like CyanogenMod, Android Paranoid, accessing internal working software of OS, change or delete any background app, etc. Kingo Android Root supports a lot of Android Phones; the list can be found here.

The most important benefit of rooting your Android Phone is removing bloatware from Android Phone. You know, I myself have been a victim of this and I have deleted all pre-installed and annoying apps from Phone forever. Initially, I was much shocked seeing any damn app getting installed on Android Phone without my prior permission. This is too much annoying.

After rooting my Phone, installing “Titanium Backup ★ root” from Play Store and uninstalling all unwanted APKs solved everything. After that, I have hard-resetted my phone many times, and to my surprise, those apps have gone for forever. That’s the spirit baby. 😛

I can now even access hosts file in root directory which help you to block any website on your Phone. This will help you stay away from addictive websites, if you know what I mean. 😛

How To Kingo Android Root 1.5.0 Download For PC & Android:-

First of all, you install Kingo Android Root on PC and then connect your Phone to PC and transfer the files to Android Phone. Make sure you have turned on USB Debugging Mode on your Android Phone to perform this operation. Let’s see how to enable USB Debugging mode on Android Phone:-

A unconfigured Android needs to enable developer credentials. Follow these simple steps:-

#1 Open the App Drawer of Android Phone and go to Settings.

Android Phone Settings Menu

#2 Swipe down Click on “ABOUT PHONE” Tab.

Andoid Phone - About Section

#3 Swipe down and look for “BUILD NUMBER” section. You have to click 5 Times on “BUILD NUMBER” option. Congrats, You are a developer now.

Kingo Anroid Root - Build Number Option

#4 That’s what you had to do. Now hit back and you will see a new option “DEVELOPER OPTIONS” now above ABOUT PHONE Tab.

Android Phone - Developer Options Enabled

#5 Click and enter it and look for “DEBUGGING” section. Now check “USB DEBUGGING” option and enable it.

Enable USB Debugging Mode

Congrats You have enabled “USB DEBUGGING” mode. You are done now.

How to Download Kingo Android Root For PC:-

Downloading Kingo Android Root for PC is straightforward and easy process. All you have to download the Kingo Android Root App from here and install it on PC. During installation, follow the simple on screen steps and complete the installation process.

How to Download Kingo Android Root For Android:-

We are providing you with the Kingo Android Root APK. Just download it on your Android Phone and simply install this APK on your Android Phone by following simple steps. Make sure you have enabled “UNKNOWN SOURCES” option in settings. Just follow the simple given steps below to enable this “UNKNOWN SOURCES” option:-

#1 Click the app drawer of your Phone and Go to Settings.

Android Phone Menu - Settings

#2 Simply Click on Security Settings Tab.

Security Settings In Android Phone

#3 Scroll down below and look for “DEVICE ADMINISTRATION” section.

Here, you will see an option to enable app installs from other sources other than Google Play Store.

Tap on “UNKNOWN SOURCES” option and enable it.

Enabling UNKNOWN SOURCES In Android Security Settings

Hope you have successfully done that. Now just click this link to download Kingo Android Root APK on your Phone. Go to APK file location of your device storage and double click on it. Kingo Android Root APK will appear to install, follow on screen instructions and complete the process. Congrats you have successfully installed it on your PC.

Points To Remember Before Installing this app on Android Phone:-

Install Kingo Root Android App On Android Phone

  • Rooting your Android Phone and gaining root privileges does voids any kind of existing warranty that your device may have. So, do this on your own.
  • During Rooting process, your device may get damaged or bricked, which may result in completely making your Device useless.
  • You can root your android phone does never mean that everything is done. Doing further operations needs skills and experience in Android Phones.

Benefits Of Rooting Your Android Phone:-

  • You can customise your Android Phone to any extent.
  • You can install Custom ROMs like CyanogenMod or Android Paranoid etc.
  • You can install custom skins and themes on your Android Phone.
  • You can remove annoying Bloatware which pre-installed by companies.
  • You can remove unwanted apps and enhance battery life and free your storage area.
  • You can block ads which keep popping up on screens all day as long as your internet connection is on.

How to Unroot and Rooted Android Phone:-

Unrooting your Android Phone is simple and easy. All you have to do is to install SUPERSU app from Google Play Store. Open the app and click on “UNROOT ALL“. Wait for some time and congrats you are done now.

Final Thought On How to Download Kingo Android Root App:-

Clearly, there are a lot of apps in the market which claims to root Android Phone including KingRoot APK, Kingo Android Root, iRoot and all that. It doesn’t matter what app you use but what is important is that you have now full control on your Android Phone. Do what you want with your Android Phone. As we can feel that you were looking to root your Android Phone because you wanted to install Custom ROM on it like CyanogenMod OS.

Well, tell you how did you like this article in the comment section below. If you are still facing any kind of problem installing it on PC or Android, please start a new thread in the comment section below. Thanks for walking with us till here. Thanks for visiting Our portal. Bye :D.

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