Drawing Up A List To Compare Wireless Plans

Today, because of effective means of communication, no one and nothing is far enough. People have devised ways to get to or reach almost everything that they may want. In this view, wireless communication through cell phones is nothing short of a revolution for the world. With enhanced portability, connectivity along with wide range of services, one couldn’t ask for more.

Moreover, a majority of people like to go for cell phones that are contract based. Affordable and accessible, they have got what most people are looking for. However, this certainly doesn’t imply that people cannot find great deals on good phones, anywhere else. In fact, people can get much more than the usual connectivity in the form of services like international calls or using unlocked phones in overseas locations, prepaid phone connections are the way to go.

In case people are in doubt over a connection service, they can compare wireless plans, to choose a plan that best suits their needs. Among the major national and international wireless carriers that offer prepaid connections, are Cricket wireless, Metro PCS, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile and U.S. Cellular. Apart from these names, there are indeed many other wireless carriers that offer attractive bargains on prepaid connection. A few of them are discussed below-

Consumer Cellular- If people are to compare wireless plans, then this carrier deserves a mention in their probable choices, mainly because it offers some of the most simple and easy to understand plans on a monthly basis that fit into the needs of almost everyone.

The company offers GSM coverage on a national basis in the U.S. Its lower cost plans which are on a monthly basis, is mainly for those users who want the quintessential accessibility and comfort of a cell phone but do not need to make regular calls from the connection.

The monthly charges are as low as $10, where each minute costs just 25 cents. People can also go for text messaging, which is available, as a separate plan. For 100 messages, the plan costs just $2.50 and around 5000 messages for up to $30 each month. These plans also have web browsing facilities; however, there is not a lot of data to stream through with this package. The allowed data for the $2.50 plan is 10 MB and for the $30 plan is 500 MB.

H2O Wireless- This wireless carrier is based on the GSM network offered by AT&T. The company offers daily plans, monthly plans and even plans on a minute basis. When people get down to compare wireless plans, this network sure is worth mentioning.

These minutes are available in $30, $20 and even $10 plans while the starting range of the monthly plans is $25. With these monthly plans, people get voice calls at 2.5 cents each minute, 2.5 cents for each text message or 30 cents for each MB of data used while web browsing. Another reason why people should include the plans from this wireless carrier when they compare wireless plans is because of its daily plans that start from just $5.

Kajeet- This company has been received very well especially by the parents, as it comes with one of the widest range of parental controls over the use of smartphones by kids. In order to put a tab on the unleashed use of Smartphone technology by kids, the company’s decision to install these controls has earned it brownie points and a definite pace in the compare wireless plans list.

The plans offered by the company start at a price which is a slow as $4.99 each month. These plans include talk time worth 10 minutes, text messages cost 10 cents per message, picture messages are pegged at 25 cents each. Further, another plan that figures in the list is the monthly plan of $19.99 which features unlimited picture messaging and texting. However, one undesirable feature is the costly rates of web browsing that start from $4.99 for 50 MB. Despite this, the company is an important contender when people get down to compare wireless plans, that suit their needs and requirements.

Net10- Last but not the least, Net10 has some of the most affordable yet highly functional plans that are available today. These plans are immensely popular and have managed to assemble an enviable clientele while hogging a considerable part of the market for low cost wireless carriers. No wonder people often compare wireless plans with the plans offered by other wireless plans.

A subsidiary of TracFone, this carrier piggybacks on the networks of different wireless carriers, depending on where the user is. It offers minute plans and monthly plans as well. The minute based plans start at $20 and give 200 minutes of talk time and go up to $60 with 900 minutes of talk time. Further, the monthly plans start from $25 and provide a talk time of 250 minutes.

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