How To Make a Free Logo Online

If you are a blogger and owner of any blog so this article is Important for you and also for your blog. For best Impression of your blog it is important to have a logo which makes quality of your blog.

To get a logo for your site there is few option. One of them to hire a company which make a best and unique logo for you and you need to spent lot of money for that and other side you have option to setup a contest for design on the logo marketplace websites and after that choose a best logo which is suitable for you blog. both of these are good option.

but if you want a make logo without spend money then is the best option for you. In this tool you have many good option to design a unique logo by yourself.

Make a Free Logo Online Step by Step Guide

In this article we talk about the process of how to Make a Free Logo Online with tool in a few minutes. There is lot of another online tools in which you can make a logo but when download it , you need to spend money but in this OnlineLogoMaker tool you can design a logo and download it for free. So Let’s Make a Free Logo Online With OnlineLogoMaker Tool.

First Step in this process you need to go there website and click on the Start Online Logo Maker. after click on this link you are on a design editor page in which you can design a logo.

For better explain, First clear the editor interface. In this Editor you will see Four Different areas. such as :-

  • Working Panel : This is working panel in which the work is done. It is the main space for your work. you can customize all the elements like the text, images, size and colors.
  • Toolbar : In this area you can select an object save the logo and download the logo.
  • Objects Panel : For your design you can see many different layers in object panel. In that area you can delete, rename and sort and many other modification of you logo.
  • Properties Bar : In the Properties Bar you will see many option such as the adding shadows, fonts, positions, rotation and sizing of your logo.

When you create your logo you will see a object placeholder and also a default logo of OnlineLogoMaker which may help you to design a logo.To delete and modify the object you can use the object panel.

To add the images, text, and symbol you can use these icon which you will be found in the tool section.

Clarify what these options are:-

  • In the Symbol you can find more then thousands of symbol which you can use in the logo. For every types of symbol you can choose in the star icon.
  • The Text which is the name of your business and blog. To add some text in the logo you can select the letter icon. you can customize these text in properties bar to sizing font and position.
  • If you have a Image in your computer system which you want to use in the logo then you can select from it your computer by clicking on the web icon. after click on that icon a window pop up and then you can grab image and upload it.

To make a changes in logo and save the logo you must to sign up in the OnlineLogoMaker for free.

So, If you have no logo for your blog, business and brand and if not want to spend money then grab it.It is best free online tools which can help you to Make a Free Logo Online.

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