How To Make Free Calls From Your PC – Worldwide To Connect With Friends

Ever ran out of balance in the middle of an important conversation? It could really be annoying for the person or friends you are talking to and yourself too, but your own PC can help you to get out of such situations. Yes! You can make calls from your PC.

On second thought, why use your mobile when you can get to connect to your friends worldwide for free. Yes! You can make free calls from your PC having internet access!

Though there is a number of apps and softwares that let you call at cheaper rates. In this post, we will have a look into few first-class software that let you make free calls from your PC.

1) iCall:

iCall is a worldwide used software, using which you can make free calls to phone from your PC. Though, you can use this software from any part of the world, but the number you want to call should be a US or Canada number. Means, you can’t connect to your friend using excel for free if he isn’t in the US or Canada.

iCall software is available as a free desktop application compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux OS. However, you can also access this application from an Android or iOS based device.

You can call up to 5 minutes to a number after which call will be automatically disconnected, But you can make call to the same number back again as many times as you want.You can also try the flash-based version of iCall on their website, but free calls are available here for three minutes only.

2) Google Voice:

Google introduced a utility application last year, using which you can make calls up to three hours for free! Moreover, you can make free make a phone call using your own number on the PC (via G-mail and a plugin from Google) or you can make PC-to-PC call (via Google hangouts).

Google is a step ahead while making this service helpful; you can also en-route incoming call from the free phone no. Google Voice provided you to any other hone that you have. What is more, you also get text messages, conference call and voice mail services; all for free!

Google Voice is available as a web app and can be accessed by any web browser. Dedicated apps for Blackberry, Android and iOS users are also available.The first stage of this service connects to the numbers of US and Canada only.


You can use this online service to make free calls from anywhere in the world to connect with phone users in India, China and other countries. The call will cost nothing but it is limited to 60 seconds only.


Only available for Windows OS based systems, KNCTR is another free internet phone call service. Though you can connect to the phone users of US only, but up to unlimited number of hours and unlimited number of calls.
The service is advertisement based and average audio quality could be an issue for a few users.

So These were a few of the best Softwares and applications that helps you to connect to your friends worldwide, but you can also make calls from your PC at the expense of few bucks only. Prominent used apps are Skype and Rebtel.

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