Mortal Kombat X Characters Pictures And Names List

Mortal Kombat X Chatacter List:- Mortal Kombat X Edition from Midway Games has been really successful and is quite famous among community of game players. As already nearly 21 editions of Mortal Kombat Game has been released out of which Mortal Kombat X For PS3 Game is also one of them. Moreover, as there are lot editions of this game, collectively the Mortal Kombat Game series has got a lot of characters. So, as a result, game players are always confused about this deal and they keeps on looking here are there for All Mortal Kombat X Characters List.

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Unfortunately, there is no perfect guide available right now by which you can get All Mortal Kombat Characters Pictures along with their names. Moreover, this particular Mortal Kombat X For XBox 360 game has many female characters as well. As a result of which, we are confused about them too and want to get Female Mortal Kombat Characters List right away. So, today we have decided to provide you a detailed Mortal Kombat X Characters Pictures and Names List. So, let’s see what we have cooked for you.

Mortal Kombat X Characters Pictures And Names List:-

It is estimated that there are more than 64 Characters in the List of Mortal Kombat X Characters. This number is based upon the counting of characters till the 2012 edition. Well, as it is a big and historic game, the real number of characters in all the Mortal Kombat X Games is really uncountable. But we are going to look at main characters along with Female Mortal Kombat Characters. So, let’s see Mortal Kombat characters With Pictures.

The Mortal Kombat X series features characters as Cyrax, Ermac, Goro, Jade, Shao Kahn, Jax Briggs, Kabal, Kano, Shang Tsung, Kenshi, Kitana, Kung Lao, Liu Kang, Mileena, Motaro, Nightwolf, Noob Saibot, Quan Chi,Raiden, Rain, Reptile, Scorpion, Sonya Blade, Sektor, Johnny Cage, Baraka, Cassie Cage, Kurtis Stryker, Sheeva, Shinnok, Sindel, Smoke, and Sub-Zero etc. We hope that you found all characters along with New Mortal Kombat X Characters. The above described characters are all main characters in Mortal Kombat X The Game.

Well, Among all of them, in the list of Mortal Kombat X Characters Pictures and Names, there are humans and cyborgs of Earth, denizens of Outworld and other realms and good and evil deities too. The Mortal Kombat X Characters list also consists of guest and crossover characters. Its also include characters from DC universe heroes and villains. Other New Mortal Kombat X Characters are as follows as Freddy Krueger, Kratos, Predator, Jason Voorhees and Alien from A Nightmare on Elm Street, God of War, Predator, Friday the 13th and Alien respectively.

All Mortal Kombat Character List – Fighting Games:-


The idea of Makinf Mortal Kombat 3 game was originally based on the idea of Ed Boon and John Tobias when they wanted to make a game which features Jean-Claude Van Damme in the game. But the idea of featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme dropped soon and the idea of making a fantasy-themed fighting game later named as Mortal Kombat Game. The Mortal Kombat X Game was originally was released for arcade machines during Ocotber 1992. The first three editions say Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat II, Mortal Kombat 3, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and Mortal Kombat Trilogy were all styled in 2D fighting fashion. But soon the release of new updates along with technological advancements, the game become much more featured.

Well, after getting Mortal Kombat X Characters Pictures and Names List, now you can start playing Mortal Kombat X Game. But here lies one more doubt.

How are you going to play Mortal Kombat X Game even if you know Female Mortal Kombat Characters List? Well, in what sense it relate to this query. BTW, you need to own some playing devices to run Mortal Kombat X Game now.

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Mortal Kombat X and Mortal Kombat 3 Games are quite popular among game enthusiasts. But as there are lot of New Mortal Kombat X Characters already, it was really necessary to learn about all of them. Finally hope that you have got some knowledge about all of them.

Tell s how you liked this Mortal Kombat X Characters Pictures And Names List tutorial. If you still have any kind of doubt, comments section is always waiting for you. Thanks to Midway Games for developing such a popular and addict game.

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