5 Most Ravishing Game Website Designs

Avid gamers love to see everything about their favorite games, including the website that goes along with it. The site is often a place to find out more information about the game, the company that built it, and the story behind it. Some websites also include community elements like forums. The best video game websites show the same design flair and imaginative touches that go into the game itself. Here are five of the most ravishing game website designs.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

When it comes to a major franchise, Star Wars is near the top of the list. The Old Republic is one of their most ambitious game offerings. The website is impressive, and definitely has a wow factor. They have large images showing action packed scenes, and it includes art from the game itself, as well as the conceptual art behind it. The site makes good use of icons, and the navigation and user interface work quite intuitively. Another important touch that’s not immediately obvious is the multilingual ability. You can switch seamlessly to three different languages, and the layout stays perfect.

League of Legends

This game has over 32 million active users, and the company has created a website worthy of that many fans. The large graphics make the design come alive, and the site has a lot of visual appeal. The navigation elements stick within a set color palette, which gives it a sense of cohesion and balance. The user experience is straightforward, with almost all of the links set up in one large menu that features groups of links together with some images. The highlight of the site is the large promo slider, which has some animation mixed in to get your attention.

Need For Speed

This game is a classic racing video game, which has built quite a franchise of its own. When you first see the site, it may look a bit thin, but as you explore and delve deeper, you realize all of the excellent content that is provided. The navigation is fairly straight forward, and the user interface is intuitive and effective, with almost all of the links accessible via one menu. The best thing about this site is its use of responsive design, which makes it appear nicely on desktops, laptops, or mobile phones.

Riot Games

This is the corporate site for Riot Games, the creators of the League of Legends game. As a company site, this is a bit different from a game site, but it does a good job of conveying what the company is all about, and their corporate culture. The design is really eye catching, with a subtle way of handling the images on the front page that is very effective at drawing you in. The rest of the user interface is clean, with a consistent color palette and layered elements. The best thing about this site is the cool news grid on the front page.


Here’s something different – a news site all about gaming. This is exactly what avid gamers need. The visual presentation is fabulous; with a straightforward layout that keeps you focused on the main content, yet make everything else available to you easily. The best things about this site are how the sidebar posts in “Our Latest Videos & Stuff” are color coded to show how popular they are.

The way a gaming website looks has changed a lot over the years. Fans and players want access to pages that are easy to navigate through. Responsive designs with eye-catching home pages and social media sharing are in trend right now. They’re not just interesting but also really simple to understand.

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