Popularity Of Android Attracts OLX

Ever since the initiation of Android handsets, it has taken the mobile world by storm. Owing to its myriad applications and features coupled with cutting edge advanced technology, it has been successful to pull a chord in the heart of tech-savvy users of all age groups particularly the younger generation.

Android handsets are created using advanced technology which allows multiple applications to run smoothly simultaneously. Besides, these are multi-functional, multi-tasking and user-friendly with most of them running via customizing 2D as well as 3D graphics.

Another, highlight of Android phones is that these offers ample information right in one’s palm such as maps, weather, mail, music, reading, shopping and many more. With such countless apps a lot of power and added value exists in the Android devices.

Why business people are shifting from traditional to Android operating phones?

Business applications are another reason why Android operated phones has become all the more popular. Like any other applications, business apps too have lots of variety. These may either be very general for serving the requirements of diverse business people or these can be specially designed for specific professions or industries.

In the present business world, it is highly imperative to keep in touch as well as have an access to various business functionality and documents anytime, anywhere. As a result business person are shifting from traditional to Android operating phones as these have paved the way for a new and innovative world of flexibility and accessibility for everyday business users.

Android excels iPhone

Android and iPhone are persistently neck and neck, clashing each other to grab the largest share in the Smartphone market. When it comes to a comparison between the two, it is Android that excels iPhone in many aspects. Apple may have succeeded to mollify the people by adding considerably better specifications to its iPhone, but with respect to innovation, Apple’s iPhone cannot compete with the Android handsets.

Android operating handsets in fact have an upper hand over iPhone in several aspects. It has a larger display than an iPhone thereby making the text easier to read, videos more exciting and easier to target the keys on the keyboard with one’s finger. iPhone gives the option of attaching videos or images only while Android allows to attach any type of files one desires to any email.

It indeed provides a prominent attachment choice. iPhone offers limited multitasking whereas Android is capable of running multiple apps simultaneously irrespective of whether these are Android Marketplace or system apps. These are just a few plus points that show how Android has an edge over the iPhone. However there are many more ways in which Android is a far better choice than the iPhone.

Popularity of Android attracts OLX

Following the immense popularity of Android apps and enormous expansion of mobile phone traffic, OLX the leading online classified has targeted Android handset users for their application usage. The OLX Android app can be downloaded for free in just a click.

Along with its free Android application, OLX is also offering the same services to Smartphone users with varied platforms such as BlackBerry, iOS and Windows phone. This free online classified allows one in posting ads free of cost from their Android phone along with a picture and that too in the language of their choice.

To enjoy the services offered by OLX, all an Android user needs to do is to download OLX in their handset and simply avail its benefits. After posting a free ad on this classified one can then share it with everyone with the help of Twitter, Facebook, personal email account or WhatsApp.

Special attributes of OLX free Android App

  • There is no language barrier
  • Free product listing
  • Free, easy to use online platform
  • One can post their ad free of cost by simply clicking on the picture of a product that they wish to sell
  • One can manage their products from their account
  • One can broadcast their ads on social networking profiles such as Facebook and Twitter and thereby increase response rates

All Android users can henceforth start trading, buying, organizing, meeting people near them and discussing with their OLX free android app. With such apps, one can buy and sell while on the go. Specially created for Indian consumers, these apps provide a practical mode of technology.

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