11 Reasons Why Choose Adjustable Dumbbells

Dumbbells are unanimously the most favorite exercising tool recommended and used by fitness trainers across the globe. Reasons are many. Not only they are among the cheapest exercising equipment, but also can be used to train almost every muscle of the body explosively. They occupy small area thus allowing a number of people to train in relatively small place not possible otherwise.

In fact, home trainees preferably use dumbbells because of their compact sizes rather than barbells and multiple machines that take huge space both while storing and exercising. They are also considered safer than some of the other exercising equipment such as barbells for certain exercises such mainly because their compact sizes. While these are the some of the qualities of the regular dumbbells, picking adjustable dumbbells can bring you added advantages that are worth drooling over.

In this fast paced world, exercising that too in a gym for lots of people is not easy. How fantastic would it be if your fitness regimen could fit into your schedule easily and save some precious time and money that you spend in the gym? Well, adjustable dumbbells are just the thing for you. Now you can achieve and maintain your lean and fit body with these amazing tools in your own time and space.

Why Choose Adjustable Dumbbells

  • Compact Size

You have to buy many dumbbells to use them for a range of exercises that can make all the muscle of the body work. No matter how small they are, they do take a considerable space of your gym. However, by picking adjustable dumbbells, you can create dumbbells sets from 5 to 50 lbs.

No need of picking weights from the rack and putting them back again and again. Picking adjustable dumbbells is surely going to save you a lot of hassle, which may be insignificant now, but – these little things play a huge role while setting the right tempo, especially for beginners.

  • Good for Joints

The dumbbells exercises are considered easy on joints than other exercising equipment such as barbells. Hence, persons with issues with joints or any facing any discomfort with barbells are advised to exercise with dumbbells preferably adjustable ones.

  • Huge Range of Exercises

Get your dream physique without spending dollars in the gym. The adjustable dumbbells if applied wisely can be used for a wide range of exercises that are not possible with barbells. Barring few advanced athletes, most people will require 5 lbs to 70 lbs weight range for complete body training. Imagine with adjustable dumbbells, you can perform almost all weight training programs.

  • Safety

With adjustable dumbbells, some exercises can be safely done without risking injuries. Some suggest that some squats say one leg squats are safer with dumbbells rather than other popular exercising tools such as barbells.

  • For Older Peeps

Most fitness trainers prefer dumbbells exercises over barbell exercises for people over 40 simply because dumbbells exercises are considered to be comparatively softer on tissues and joints. For them, Adjustable dumbbells are a safer bet than any other exercising equipment for strength training per se.

  • Easy for Injured Persons

Dumbbells exercises are easier for persons who are making a comeback to the worlds of exercising. Adjustable dumbbells have extra advantages here. Due to its compact size, it can be done by persons with some shoulder injury even with one hand without changing weights again and again.

Now that is something worth considering for someone who wants to start exercise after sustaining an injury. Not just that, the exercises performed by these is far less aggravating.

  • Cost Effective

Do the math and you can easily find out the cost of an expensive gym membership. Now, these are huge in this economy. Now, those home gyms do not come cheap either. But the adjustable dumbbells are both cheaper and effective. Most of the home trainees swear by these. When combined with few other exercises, they are overall exercises needed by the body.

  • Quick

While dumbbells are great tools for exercising, sometimes taking off and putting weights within a certain time frame can be both frustrating and overwhelming. Result- after some time those sit only in the corner and eating dust.

Adjustable dumbbells save you time as well the help in dealing with the psychological barrier. With just moving the pin function and lift the weight function, one can surely feel hugely relieved while exercising.

  • Portability

Whenever you have to travel, the fact that your exercising regime is bound to suffer must constantly be nagging into your mind right? Simply because you can roll your several dumbbells and pack them in a suitcase and go. But by picking adjustable dumbbells, you definitely can!!! Well, at least while traveling by car. You can pack them in suitcase, bring them into your hotel room and continue to pump your muscles!!

  • Easy handling

Done and dusted!! You have successfully completed your exercise regime, and now you must feel wonderful, exercise does that to you. But wait a minute….what about the mess you have created in your room? All the weights cluttered here and there. Seems like a big job. But adjustable dumbbells not only save space and but are also easy to maintain. Since they are compact, they can easily be put into racks without taking too much space. No mess created.

  • Not just for men

Adjustable dumbbells are not only for the bodybuilding of males. Female can use them for exercise that if great for belly fat. Nowadays, trainers prescribe strength training for ladies to tone their core muscles that can help in losing the calories pretty fast. They should be an integral part of their regime.

Choosing Adjustable Dumbbells


So, we have seen what a great inventions the adjustable dumbbells are. So, it’s really important that you choose sensibly while shopping to suit your needs.


The first thing to be considered or not they are convenient to use. A good user-friendly set of adjustable dumbbells will helpful in saving a lot of frustration while adjusting weights during the workout.

Locking mechanism

Safety is the big issue! Without a good locking mechanism, there is always a chance that plates can fall off the handles. Hence, do look for good safety mechanism, while Buying Adjustable Dumbbells.


It is imperative that you buy the adjustable dumbbells that have a good range of maximum and minimum weights that are suitable for you. A good range of weights will ensure that you have plates that can test your strength. It is highly possible that after some usage, the plates can be too easy for you. Hence always choose a good range of weights.

Easy storage

As mentioned earlier, for home trainees storage cause great problems. Therefore, it is highly recommended to go for compact sized adjustable dumbbells that can easily be tucked in the exercise room of your home.


If you are going to pick adjustable dumbbells, go for those which can last for long time and sturdy enough. You are not going to buy without reading the reviews online; they can help you a lot if you are still undecided. See here them again and again so choose wisely.


See the reviews online. They can help a lot if you are still undecided because the experts and people have practical know about these things that are trustworthy.

Conclusion for Choosing the Adjustable Dumbbells

Now that we have dealt with almost all possible issues related with the dumbbells, you must have a clear picture in your mind regarding the adjustable dumbbells. In our hectic lifestyle and sedentary workplaces, there are few chances to get an active and healthy lifestyle. Add in those junk foods that add considerably to our waistline. With the constant fear of obesity lurking in the back of our mind, the exercise in not something you can put off.

The exercises are a prerequisite for good health. They make us feel well from within in this highly cut throat competitive world. Added benefit of great physique will not harm either. So, Buying Adjustable Dumbbells will be a great call for you if want to have the benefits of a mini gym in your own time and space.

You can exercise even while watching T.V. isn’t that great!! While there are several adjustable dumbbells present in the market, Bayou Adjustable Dumbbells are one of the top picks that are highly favored not only by bodybuilders but also home trainees. Some of its exciting features are:

  • 5 – in- 1 Adjustable Dumbbells – Great weight range to for various training.
  • Excellent Locking Mechanism – No compromise over safety here.
  • User- friendly.
  • Sturdy
  • Perfect design
  • Compact size

Hopefully, the above points are enough for finding why choose adjustable dumbbells. Do remember that exercise is as important as food for the body. Hence, adjustable dumbbells can be proven as a great investment for you. These are suitable you needs according to your time and space. Go and start browsing, but while buying Adjustable Dumbbells, make sure you carefully ponder on the above- mentioned points. Click below to grab some great offers on the ideal set of adjustable dumbbells!

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