How to Recover Deleted Files And Folders From Dropbox

Dropbox is the rapidly growing online website that facilitates you to take backup of all your important data. The most admirable features about Dropbox is that you don’t have headache to take backup data all the time, as it will automatically take backup of all your important data to your online account and in your dropbox system folder. Below are some features about Dropbox, that you would surely going to love about:

  • 2 GB of Free Space and 100 GB of space for paid customers
  • Automatically synchronize files and folders from your hard drive.
  • Share photos, songs, videos etc. with any group or person.
  • Take online backup frequently
  • Recover deleted files and folders from dropbox account
  • High security
  • Anyone can access using his/her mobile device.

In my opinion, All these features probably gives you the satisfactory reason to chose Dropbox services. However, It could be difficult to use dropbox for new user and they had to give some time to use it properly. The most worst situation is created when you delete the files that you don’t want and at later, you realized that the files you deleted are of great important and want to get it back and perhaps , everyone is here to know about how to recover files that were deleted either mistakenly or unintentionally.

So, don’t get frustrated as I will show you some easy steps that brings your deleted files back. Here they are:

  • Login or create an account on
  • Under the Files tab, You will find a sub menu named ‘Show deleted files’, as shows in the image:

After clicking on it, a popup list will shows up containing deleted folders highlighted in grey color.

Note: These files are deleted in past 30 days. So, It’s clear that more than 30 days older files couldn’t be recovered.

  • Right click on the desired deleted file, and chose ‘restore’. Likelywise, you can see the previous versions of deleted files and folders.
  • At last, by confirming the steps, you will get those files back in your Dropbox online account.

How to Recover files From offline account on Windows:

This will works only if the deleted files were uploaded on the Dropbox server. That means, if you forget to upload the offline files and somehow deleted it, then it becomes permanent non recoverable.

The steps to recover Dropbox synchronized files are mentioned below:

  • The default location for Dropbox home folder will be C:\Users\home\Dropbox or see if it’s different.
  • Right click on the desired deleted files and then click on ‘View previous versions’:
  • You will be redirected to Dropbox official website, from where you can easily restore the trashed files.

That’s all about how we can recover deleted files either from Dropbox online account or from Windows. Dropbox is the powerful way to easily manage and take backup of all your precious data without any hassle, so as if you forget to take backup Dropbox will do it automatically.

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