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In Previous Article we talk about How To Recover Deleted Files In Windows, Hope so this will help you to recover deleted files using PowerDataRecovery.

But this same problem can be in android device, but no option to recover. So In this article we talk about how to recover deleted files from android.

Android is mostly used OS in mobile devices, many of us using android device because of its popularity and it is affordable with lots of features. Android can perform as a computer so why android is more popular and powerful OS.

In the Computer system you have a option to recover deleted file with Recycle Bin. how actually recycle bin works to recover deleted files, It is Backed up your deleted files and you can see into the recycle bin and then able to restore until the file is not permanently deleted.

But In the Android device you have no feature like recycle bin but its not mean that you can’t recover deleted files.

Android Tablets and Mobiles can be used for browse the net, store media files such as photos, musics, pdf so on..To play games, read books this can be used. But accidentally If a file is deleted from your computer system you can restore it by recycle bin but not in android device because there is no option of recycle bin in android. The deleted file is permanently gone in android. So I write a article On this topic in which you can learn how to add recycle bin feature in android that can help you to recover deleted files.

An android app called “Dumpster” is help us to add a recycle bin feature in android, So follow these simple steps to add a recycle bin.

What Is Dumpster..??

Dumpster is a Android App which allow user to recover the deleted files, It works as a recycle bin. That Dumpster Keep backup your deleted files and you can recover that deleted data whenever you want. Dumpster can backup all types of files such as music, photos, Zip files, videos and many more.It is freely available on the the android play store. I well Impressed with its features because to use of this app you don’t need of internet connection and also no need to rooting your android device. It is very easy to use , Dumpster allow user to make Mistakes.

How To Recover Deleted Files From Android

  • First of all Download Dumpster and Install In your Android Device.
  • After Installed, Open Dumpster app and read “Terms & Conditions”
  • If you are satisfy with Its “Terms & Conditions” then accept it with click on accept button below.
  • Now Select the file type which you want to able recover after deleting files. ( Recommend :- Select all )
  • There is One more feature In which you can select auto clean dumpster that mean after a particular time the app is clean automatically. ( Recommend :- Leave It Off )
  • The Lock screen option which used to lock the deleted apps from to the unauthorized access.
  • Now Select Disable Option of Offer.
  • Finally touch on the Next button and you are done. Now you are in app menu.
  • Just like Recycle Bin you can go in the Dumpster and here you will be see your deleted files, Select the deleted file which you want to recover and select the restore option.

Recycle Bin is properly installed in your android device. Now you can Recover Deleted Files From Android Device easily. Next time when any file is deleted, you can recover it by just going to Dumpster app. So Guys MAKE MISTAKE WITH DUMPSTER.

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