How To Recover Deleted Files In Windows

What do you do when your Important files accidentally deleted from your computer system. ?

Of Course, you simply Go To recycle bin and restore that deleted files.


What to do when files is permanently deleted, Pen Drive and other Storage device is formatted.

yes, you thing there is no option to again get back these data. you lose it. because you unaware such kind of tools which can be recover your lost data. it will help you to recover deleted files from computer’s hard drive and also other storage device like pen drive.

Power Data Recovery is an awesome Software which can manage the all deleted data in Windows. It can read the data which is deleted from your computer system. you can recover the all data and also selected data from it. there is lot of data recovery tools available in Internet Market. It may be paid and also free of cost. Power Data Recovery is available in Both of them.

If you want to recover data in limited size then you can use its free tool and If data is more then a limit, you need to purchase a key. ( you can also get a free key on Google and : )

Power Data Recovery Features

1. Free Edition : Many other recovery tools are very costly which is give many facilities to use but not give a free trail pack so that we can’t use it and other side Power Data Recovery is available in Free cost. So that is a good tool to recover small file otherwise you can purchase a serail key.

2. Compatibility : Power Data Recovery tool is compatible with all versions of Windows. It can run properly in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and also Windows 8.1.

3. Capability : You can recover every big file in that tool, Such as Movies and other media which size is higher than usual. It allow user to recover data without any limit in premium version. It can recover all types of data such as as audio, video, image, documents, E-mails and all other types of data.

4. Friendly User Interface : It is very simple to use the Power Data Recovery, because of its Friendly interface. In that tool you find the 5 module to recover. Such as :-

  • Undelete Recovery : It is use for recover such data which is delete with the delete command and moved on recycle bin.
  • Damaged Partition Recovery : In that section you can recover the data from partition which is damaged.
  • Lost Partition Recovery : It can help user to missing or deleted partition recovery.
  • Digital Media Recovery : This will help you to can recover the data in direct way such as image, audio, video.
  • CD/DVD Recovery : In this module you will be able to recover the data from CD & DVD.

5. Time Saving : In the “advance setting” you can select “find file” and search a single file to recover instead to search all deleted data from computer system it may consume time but also in free edition you can search the deleted file and recovered it.

6. Bootable CD : If the operating system is not able to boot. you can use this tool to create a Bootable CD.

Final Words :

Power Data Recovery is able to recover the file at a size limit, So that if you need to recover a big file in a size then you must need to purchase a key but its free version is also gives a good features. So that you should try this Software for recover deleted files.

Hope so you enjoyed the article, tell us which software is you use to recover the deleted file and how much this software is helpful for you. If you have any problem or query then you can comment below and share the article On Social Network so your friend can also use that awesome software.

You Can Download it From Here :-

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