5 Simple But Awesome Android Games

Candy Crush, Temple Run and D-day are some amazing android games. In the android market these games are very popular. but also these games are very heavy and complicated mission, which is not easy to play. many people prefer these games and there is many people who want to play a simple game which is not heavy and easy to play. So In this article you find some games for android which is Simple but deliver limitless entertainment.

In the below of article you find some android games which look like simple but the entertainment you can have with playing these game is fantastic. In these game no need to complete difficult missions. These games are so simple just try to break you high score.That games is only for your mind refreshment. So let’s See the list of such android games.

List Of Awesome Android Games

  • One More Line

The One More line game is developed by the SMGStudios. This game is free to download on android play store. For download this game android 3.2 version is required.On the android play store it game has 4 rating into the 5. It is a 2D game and its graphic is fantastic.

How-To Play : When you play this game, basically you will see your player behind it which is going up with the trail. So what to do in this game when you have an obstruction in front of the your player just touch on the screen. as long as you hold the screen the player is going to move on in the circular motion. with the distance of you obstacle it moves on with radius. Now you need start going to upward direction to touch and hold the screen till the correct time.

  • Pinna

It is basically game of unicycle. Pinna is 2.5D game. When the unicycle fall you will see an impressive animation.To balance the cycle it may takes times. at this time on the google play store it has 4.1 rating into five. it requires only 2.3 android version and all upper all versions and also free to download.

How-To Play : It is very simple to play just touch and hold the right side screen for forward and for going to backward touch on the left side. make balance at the long as long you can to make a high score.

  • Wave Run

The next game in the list is WaveRun, It is developed by the SoftKiwi. In this 2D game impressive animations and graphics. Wave Run is very simple to play in that game you will see two path which is curvy. and in the game you have player in the shaped of circle. It is available on the play store in the free of cost. It has 3.6 rating into 5. To download this game you required at least 4.0.3 and up android version.

How-To Play : After touch the play button there is one goal in this game to move the track and in this game no have  any obstacle. To avoid losing you need to change the track with touch everywhere on the screen at the correct time. It going to be difficult as the speed is going to high.

  • Amazing Ninja

Amazing Ninja is also so simple game, It is developed by the Ketchapp. This game is very addictive. Amazing ninja is a 2D game and simple graphics. This game has 3.5 rating out of 5 on the google play store. you can download it for free and it require 2.3 android version and above from it.

How-To Play : After click on play button the game is start. In this game your only goal to destroy your enemies which is in the red color and in the blue color ninja is friend. To destroy the enemies you need to touch on the right side of the screen and when you see the ninja in blue which is friend then click on the left side. with the touch on the left side you will jump on the friend ninja. you get the point when you destroy your enemies. now you thing it is very simple to play but when you play the game you kill definitely your friend.

  • No One Dies

No One Dies is developed by the Rinzz Game and it is a 2D game. Its as simple as its graphic. In this game you have achieve goal is straightforward. you can download this game for free on the google play store . It has rating 3.9 into 5 from google store. this game is require 2.3 android version and above from it.

How-To Play : In this game first select level which you want to play and next you can select a player that you want to choose. as you as play you can understand how to play it is very simple. As you have go on the higher level then you can select more then two or more player.


These android games are not high graphics and not 3D games. It is only for whom have a less time to play, Just for only refreshment. and you know you can easily control all above games and everyone can play these android games.It is not heavy in size its a little games for free. So download from android play store and have fun.

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