Official Warning & Tip To Track Real Visits On Your Facebook Profile

In this Post you will get to know a Genuine way to track Real Facebook Profile tracks visits by Facebook People on your Facebook Profile. Well Officially there is not any such Official feature exist by Facebook which can track Profile visits but on Facebook and via Google as well – to get user attention and to increase Facebook pages/apps Popularity, some people have created such apps and many are still creating who depicts that they can track Facebook Profile visits but that’s not true.

First of all, I would like to warn you all that not to sign up to any such Facebook spam app who shows that it can show you latest track of latest profile visitors to your Facebook profile who had just seen your profile as they can’t do that as per Facebook Official terms.

Tip: I have also noticed that to make fool, People are creating Fake questions on Yahoo as well as on Digital Forums and they ask like:

I want to know who visits my profile – Digital Point Forums

If you check this forum, you will come to know that all these tricks are bogus only – No any Facebook Application can track your Facebook profile visits.

So, How you can track Facebook Profile Visitors – Genuine Way!

Well, this “track Facebook Profile Visitors” trick is not any Spam and is also not discovered by us. We come to know about this trick by a YouTube video – You can see this video below or can read our tutorial as well below the video.


To use this awesome trick you don’t need to sign up to any SPAM Facebook apps who says that we can track your Facebook Profile visits. You Just need to follow this short step by step tutorial:

1. Go to your Facebook Homepage – well by default whenever you sign in to you go to Homepage as well i.e. NewsFeed

2. Now You will need to Press Ctrl+U that will take you to Source Code of your Facebook Profile Homepage.

3. Now you will need to search for a line – Firstly Press Ctrl+F and then type  “InitialChatFriendsList”

4. In the above screenshot, Just after the “InitialChatFriendsList” viz highlighted in orange color you can see the Facebook Profile Visitors number – these are the people who visited your profile and all of them are arranged in chronological order.

5. Now here comes the trailer – Just pick out any Profile id like I am picking out the first one – you can see that in the above screenshot as well i.e. 0000146957105-2

6. You will need to remove – sign and last number to use this id properly in Facebook in order to track the latest visitors who had seen your Facebook Profile. So, here after removing last 2 signs I got this number – 0000146957105

7. Finally, You Just need to add this number after It will take you to a profile of a person who had seen your Facebook Profile & that’ll.

Do let us know your reviews about this Trick and share your experiences of previously used tricks by you. How easy is this Facebook Profile latest visitors tracking trick ?

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