4 Tips To Make Facebook Fan Page Interesting

For marketing, every big or small organization uses the social platform to reach their customers. Facebook, being a top level company, is widely used for this purpose. Nowadays, every company, whether it’s a random coffee shop or Gloria Jeans, has a fan page on facebook to get interlink with their end users. Also, big retailers like Amazon or Wal-Mart, all having a fan page.


The question is what and how to make the fan page interesting enough to build a community. For big brands, there are promotional activities going on every week or month, so they engage their customers with them. But for the smaller brands/ companies or for business starters building community through social websites is a big challenging task. Many of them don’t have the idea of how to make the facebook page interesting enough to attract customers or viewers. Below are some tips which can help you in making your page attractive.

Tips to make Facebook Fan Page Interesting


Facebook walls are the main place of the Fan page where, you have to work out by putting on all type of information about your company or brand. For a new visitor, it is quite a difficult thing to figure out from a wall page about what actually you are trying to promote. In order to attract the new comings, you have to make an eye catching welcoming page. In this super-fast moving world where people exist with the claims of having no time, you just have seconds to attract the user towards yourself. Try making an embellishing and highly attractive welcome page where, user can get all the general information about you.


What you have to do is to give your fans reason to stop by again and again, providing them with the frequent updates and fresh information. Keep in mind the fact that consistent updating doesn’t need a huge effort. You can do it without much of an additional effort. Start doing blogging on your facebook wall. Update the feeds every now and then. Integrate your facebook network with the other social networks. Use ping.fm, the service which helps in making same update on overall network at once. This will save your time to manually do it on every integrated website. Also, use YouTube and Flickr widgets that are helpful in automatically uploading of videos or pictures on your fan pages.


Once you setup your fan page, the next thing is to engage your customers or viewers by providing them with the activities like contests or give away by answering certain questions. These activities give reasons to the viewers to come back and revisit you all the time. Avoid making false promises or wrong information. If any viewer wins, try to give his/ her gift on time, if he/ she win it through your fan page. This will leads to the positive word of mouth which will promote your brand personality


Another tip for making fan page interesting for your customers or viewers is answering to their comments and replying to their queries. If you make a belief in your customers mind that you don’t shy communicating with them and you feel proud of them. They will be happy to be affiliated with you and promote you among their own community with good heart.

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