Top 50 Windows 8 Themes

Windows 8 is the latest Operating System from Microsoft which has much better functionality as well as looks when compared to its predecessor OS Windows 7. Windows 8 has a total different interface than what we have see in Microsoft Windows till date. Cascade tiles type home screen, a whole new start menu etc. gives a new fresh look to it saving people who were bored of old Windows interface.

Top 50 Windows 8 Themes

In spite of all the new changes, many of us still require a change in theme which can easily be accomplished by making use of numerous themes that are available on the internet. Whether it is an application or the whole Operating System, making use of themes provides a whole new personalized experience. And just like any other major OS, Windows 8 also have theme support built in it.

The user can use official Windows themes as well as third part thems on Windows 8. The normal official windows themes are very easy to apply, but in case you want to apply third party themes on your Windows 8, first you would require to path the UxTheme.dll file on your Computer system. But you need not to worry about that too as it could be easily patched using UxTheme Multi-patcher software.

Using the software is also very easy. you need to extract all the files in the compressed archive. Now run the software and click the “patch” button you see in the dialogue box that opens and the file will be patched.

So now let us have a look at the top 50 themes for Windows 8 2014:

1. GRAY8


The Gray 8 theme for windows 8 is a brilliantly made stylish theme with a proper contrast in the color scheme of black and blue used in it. The taskbar icons are modified and made more stylish with grey colors to suit more on the black color taskbar. Also the blue color used is glowy and makes the font to be clear on it. The window panels are black and transparent that gives an elegant look to the desktop.

Download from here.

2. MILD 8


Mild 8 as the name suggest is a light colour beautiful windows 8 theme to sooth the eyes and make it pleasant for the user to look on the screen with its simple and plain color schemes. The progress bars are changed to light grey color and also the window panels are made with lighter shades of color to remain mild and descent.

Download from here



Base theme for windows 8 is a stylish dark color theme. It includes many new things in it like the status bar and the taskbar is completely changed with smaller caption buttons and new improved icons. The dark color finish is dull that gives a descent look to them. The start logo is a new one with 4 small squares making it elegant. The navigation buttons are also changed and made smaller and more precise.

Download from here



The Alduin theme available for the windows 8 users is another beautiful theme with less wider panels and window frames than the original ones. The caption buttons are smaller and the taskbar icons are also modified and made dark emboss like to suit the black color of theme. The color scheme is black and white with addition of side bar to the theme as well.

Download from here



Won’t be it crazy to have a latest look of tiles and everything on one side of the desktop while having the entirely traditional and basic look of windows on the other side of desktop. The windows classic theme designed for windows 8 makes it happen. The theme modifies to give the basic look to the window frames and icons while the tile screen of win 8 still have the modern look in contrast.

Download from here

6. SNOWY V3.0


The theme Snowy V3.0 designed for windows 8 is a well-made theme with a proper color scheme used to give a snow color look to the desktop. The color of the window panels and the taskbar is snow type white. The start logo is also new and more stylish than the original one. Caption buttons are made smaller to give it more precise look.

Download from here



The aero design theme for windows 8 is the theme with thinner borders of window frames and smaller caption and navigation buttons, The taskbar is also less wider than what is in default. The theme contains some new background wallpapers and a side bar also to make it even more stylish and give it a new trendy look.

Download from here



The windows 8 theme different touch is surely one theme that changes the display of the default windows 8 completely. The theme carries black and green color combination as its color scheme. Also the taskbar icons are new with different color to look brighter and glowy on the dark background. New background wallpapers are also included.

Download from here



The theme White Dior is one of the best themes available for windows 8. The theme is very beautiful and looks just perfect on the screen. With its thinner window frames and small icons the theme looks damn elegant. The window screen have white color broader border on upper side while a black slim line like border on its lower side that makes it so elegant and descent. Must have theme.

Download from here



Acid Beta follows the minimalistic idea of theme and is another beautifully created theme designed especially for windows 8. The taskbar icons are modified to a minimal design like boxes and the start logo is also modified. The color scheme used is dull white that suits the minimal design of this theme. Some changes are also made to the caption and navigation buttons as well.

Download from here



The color combination used in the theme Blue N Red is what makes this theme so special and beautiful. The window frames are in red or blue color white narrower borders on the side and little wider border on the top. This effect with their blue and red color makes it stylish and give it a new look way better than the boring look of traditional windows themes.

Download from here



Simplex is another minimalistic design theme for windows 8. The window frames are made transparent and more elegant by using smaller caption buttons on them. The taskbar is modified into a lesser crowded taskbar with the use of new minimal taskbar icons and the white transparent color scheme used.

Download from here

13. EDGE 8


This theme is yet another beautiful theme with its glossy black and lighter shades color schemes. The look of theme is more enhanced through the use of glossy and transparent colors and simple white background. The theme gives a clearer and a vivid look to the display and that relaxes the eye and feels good to work on this theme.

Download from here



The Gnomnit theme designed for windows 8 contains four other sub themes inside it. Also it includes two different and unique shades for the taskbar that is the darker and the lighter shade. The theme also includes many new background wallpapers included in its four other sub themes. It is a complete package to transform the look of windows 8 original into a newer and better look.

Download from here



Chromium follows almost the original color schemes of windows 8 but them theme have many new features in it also like a completely different taskbar and the new set of taskbar icons as well. Also other icons are changed and given a new look with the caption buttons somewhat smaller but same in design as in the default theme of windows.

Download from here.



Different than all the themes mentioned above, the theme Abisso is a loud and bright theme designed for those windows 7 users who like to have it stylish and colourful to some greater extent than normally others do. The theme is completely transparent with new colors for selecting and other stuff. Icons are smaller and the window frames are given the look of transparent glass slab like.

Download from here



Gnomnit Dark is theme for the lovers of dark shades. This theme uses the dark colors on the window frames and taskbar, status bar and others so perfectly that the color blends beautifully with the background. The one new change in the theme is that instead of icons on the taskbar the name of application is displayed on it that looks new and more stylish as it is not a normal way generally found on the themes.

Download from here



The Gray 8 color pack is a pack of themes designed for windows 8 that includes 4 different color themes all of them are very beautiful and stylish. The theme have transparent interface for window screen and frames and the colors incorporated in them looks so descent that once you use this theme you are sure to keep it for a ling time.

Download from here



This beautiful theme for windows 8 can be more if an interest to the female users who prefer something more tender and lighter. The theme has pink color shades for the window frames and the taskbar and also some new background wallpapers of some selected and unique flowers. The icons on the taskbar are smaller and look more precise than usual default theme.

Download from here



The White Update is a theme designed for windows 8 which follows the white color scheme and the other little changes as well like the less broader windows frames and the smaller navigation and the caption buttons as compared to the usual style in the default theme of windows 8.

Download from here

21. WORK


This theme designed for windows 8 can be considered as more of a professional look rather than the trendy and the stylish looks of other themes. It carries very formal color scheme of black and grey color. The memory indicators are changed to grey color then the original blue and red color of them. Also the background color used is dull black which provides a clear look to the white font used on it.

Download from here



One of the most downloaded themes for windows 7 is also now available for windows 8. The elune theme designed for windows 8 is an artistic theme supporting the auto-colorization feature of windows 8 along with including other changes as well like new unique background wallpapers, smaller caption buttons and improved window frames.

Download from here



SG Flat theme for windows 8 provides a more flatter look to the display with its new taskbar that is made narrower as compared to the default style and the caption and navigation buttons modified to a more sharp look. Theme includes new high quality wallpapers with it to suit its color scheme in a better way.

Download from here

24. AERO8


Aero 8 theme for windows 8 is a aero enabled theme with many new icons and background wallpapers. To use this theme the aero option must be enabled on the desktop to make it run properly and use all its features. Only slight changes are done in the color scheme of the default theme though.

Download from here



Gray 8 is a new theme designed to provide a more trendy look to the original not so trendy look of default windows themes. The theme contains many new colourful background wallpapers and also some new taskbar icons and widgets. New icons are also added on the taskbar to make it even more stylish together with its dark colored interface.

Download from here



Thrives is another windows 8 theme following the all the time beautiful color scheme of white and black in it. The memory indicators are changed from blue to dull black matching the color of background and the status bar and the taskbar. Icons are also modified and made more of black color than making them colourful.

Download from here



Glow Dark is very beautiful theme designed for windows 8. With its black background color and the glowy dull blue color of the selection this theme looks very elegant and stylish. Navigation buttons are also changed along with the caption buttons.

Download from here



For all the Ubuntu fans out there using windows 8, this treat is surely a good treat for them as it incorporates all the features and designs of Ubuntu interface. This theme also comes with the border and borderless window frames and is made available for both windows 8 and windows 8.1.

Download from here



The theme Metro Luna includes many new features in it like the theme is easily colorizable with the choice of the user. Also the theme includes three sub themes within it so provides more option to the user and lastly the theme is designed to work for any version of the windows 8 easily with just few necessary patches.

Download from here



Incomplete vs is a little different theme designed for windows 8. The caption buttons are modified into smaller size and red color selection is used instead of the original blue color. Also the memory indication is changed into black color to match with the black modified taskbar and window frames.

Download from here



Simple Getuk is one of the most stylish and elegant theme available for windows 8 in the internet. The theme changes the original taskbar into a more stylish one with many new taskbar icons. The windows frames are given only the top border of black color making it look even more stylish. Theme works best if windows aero is enabled on the system.

Download from here

32. ROYAL 8


The Royal 8 theme of windows 8 carries the same blue color scheme with it but with some changes in it. The color combination of blue and light blue is used instead of a solid blue color that gives it a fading classy look. The taskbar and the windows frames are modifies with this new color combination to give it some novel changes.

Download from here



Nimbus for windows 8 is a theme pack containing other sub themes with different color schemes in it. All the color combinations used in the theme are beautiful and provided with background wallpapers matching with the present color scheme better. This theme provides many different looks to the desktop and is one to download for sure.

Download from here



Areao is definitely the best of windows 8 themes available. The color combination of black and lighter shade of it on the window frames and taskbar looks stunning and also the new icons that are used gives it a futuristic look. The caption and the navigation buttons are modified to small circled with glowy blue color that looks very elegant.

Download from here



Snow Leopard is a collection of many new beautiful visual styles for windows 8 . The theme includes new background wallpapers also along with modified icons on window frames and the taskbar. Also it includes a side bar to give it more stylish look matching with the tile interface of windows 8.

Download from here



Yet another beautiful windows 8 theme with the blend of black and white color present in it. The Start bar is modified into a more improved look with its elegant black color and the window frame are provided with partial borders to make it more catchy and trendy.

Download from here



Clarity Test theme designed for windows 8 is an excellent combination of wallpapers and colour effects. This theme contains clear aero and different color schemes used. Other features of this theme are it’s built in features of desktop backgrounds, taskbar, different navigation icons and many others. Some new taskbar icons are also added that make it even better in its looks.

Download from here

38. FOURFX 13


Fourfx 13 is a very cool theme designed for windows 8. The theme has modified the taskbar and the status bar into a new look. The caption buttons are changed and are rather made very attractive and stylish. The light dark color combination looks beautiful on the theme. Some new icons are also included in the theme.

Download from here



For the lovers of dark and black color, this theme designed for windows 8 can be a perfect theme for them. The background interface of the theme is completely turned black with dark red color combination in the status bar. The taskbar icons are also modified along with the caption and navigation buttons. Best theme for the black color fanatics.

Download from here

40. GLOW


Glow theme for windows 8 is a very simple and vivid theme that suits the mood of every one working on them. Designs are not much altered but little changes are made in the color scheme following glowy dull blue color combination in the theme. Icons are also modified into more descent and elegant type.

Download from here



How cool will it be to get the tile interface of windows 8 along with the windows vista interface in the explorer side of windows 8. Windows vista vs theme just makes it happen so. The theme includes all the features that were there in the vista interface making the explorer cooler and stylish to work on.

Download from here



Twenty Thirteen can be taken as an higher upgrade to the default version of windows theme but it betters the latter in almost every way. The color schemes are followed as such but the the windows frames are made thinner and the taskbar is modified into a more stylish one now. It is a good visual style for the boring windows 8 desktop.

Download from here

43. UNIQ8


Uniq8 as the name suggests is a unique and more funky theme for windows 8. The theme have black and grey color as its color combination. The buttons are modified and made smaller and more stylish. Also some new mouse cursors are included in the theme to make it look more fun and funky than the dull usual windows themes.

Download from here



Apodio theme designed for windows 8 is also a very beautiful theme for this version of windows. Include some new background wallpapers and some new visuals as well. The light grey color scheme used makes it very vivid and elegant theme for win 8.

Download from here



Chameleon is surely a theme not everyone has in their desktop. It is a unique theme with completely new and different color schemes. The icons and window buttons are modified. Special thing about this theme is its borderless window frames that looks just fantastic and out of this world. Amazing theme with many unique visual styles.

Download from here



Gray 8 light series is a light series of the Gray 8 theme designed for windows 8. It includes many new colors and different background wallpapers as well. Also the icons are made new with the borders of window frames made thinner.

Download from here



Ourea is a colourful theme for windows 8. The theme includes many new and bright colors that may be missing in the default and dull windows themes available in the windows 8. Changes in the borders and icons are also made to make it different in a look and provide a more colourful and cheery display of things.

Download from here



Abisso Dark is a powerful dark theme designed for windows 8 and the dark theme lovers. The theme offers a transparent look to the desktop with its black and blue color combination making it more gothic and stylish. Buttons are made smaller to make the theme look more precise and sharp.

Download from here



Simplex RC is a minimalistic design theme for windows 8. The theme follows white background color interface with very little details on its display. The icons as well as the buttons are made smaller to give it a less crowdy look. Very soothing to the eyes, this theme is beautiful example of minimalistic designs.

Download from here


Platinum for windows 8 is a theme inspired a little from the Mac interface. The caption buttons are made similar to that in Mac and alslo the side bar and the icons are modified to provide it that look. Theme contains many new background wallpapers as well. If you like Mac interface then you can try this one.

Download from here

So these were top 50 windows 8 themes that you can use to give a whole new look to your desktop as well as all the files and applications installed on your PC. Some of the themes change only basic features of Windows while the other are capable of changing the whole look as well as interface of the system according to your wish. We hope you liked all the themes given above and will try out each one of them on your own to find the one which suits your personality.

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