How to Upload Pictures to Instagram from PC Or Computer

The most common and widely used applications in the market are android chat i.e. Wats app, facebook and instagram. This is an amazing application which has made a remarkable footprint and gave several users a platform to share, modify and upload their fabulous work.

But the most frequently asked questions online has been for many months is how to upload pictures to instagram from PC or computer? In order to know the solution people take advice from friends, experts and even acquaintances, but still get no perfect answer.


What is the process?

The best way to upload images from PC to instagram is to use gamblr software. It can be downloaded from internet. It is free software available mostly on search engine that is obtainable from any country. The instagram information is plugged in and it starts uploading the images immediately. The installation process is simple like any other software that you get to download free movies, videos, games etc from online sources.

An Instagram account is mandatory to operate the software. Gamblr have certain picture size requirements which you have to customize on your own in your PC. The resolution of the images should be 650px by 650 Px. Gamblr application gives you access to share the image link on different social networks too, so what are you waiting for? Get the software now and enjoy sharing images instantly from PC to instagram in just one click only.


What are the steps involved?

Step 1: – install the gamblr application form the reliable source. At online market there are hundreds of resource websites where this software is available for free download. You can even go to the link

Step 2: – now in the second step you have to customize images and see whether they are in a supportive format or not. JPG is the format which every image should have or else they could not be transferred to instagram account.

Step 3: – once you are logged in with your active instagram id then you can directly share images to instagram account without any problem.

However, there are various features which are accessible in the software that can save images in the software registry as well as safely in the account.

Step 4: – the software is compatible with windows 7, 8, vista, XP and MAC. So before downloading the application sets up from the link, please check the properties.


You can also upload images from SD card or pen drive to instagram profile anytime so get started and feel satisfied after watching your pictures which were not on instagram and your loved ones were unaware of them till now. The quality of images remain the same, due to decrease in size or format changing some effects may lose but you can manage them in your mobile or instagram profile by using camera settings and advanced image editing options.

The popularity

The software for transferring images to instagram is so many in the market that one could get confused initially. At search engine you can find out several different software links, but you should only select the one which is very popular and have gained good reviews from users. The most fitting method to know which software is flexible, easy and less complicated is to read reviews of people who have earlier downloaded the software and rated it with good start ranking.

However, the above mentioned link of gamblr software will surely help you in getting the desired result without wasting time in understanding the technical aspects. Download now and bring joy in life anytime and inexpedient way.

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