How To Use Dual WhatsApp Accounts In One SmartPhone

Today we are going to discuss about How To Use Two WhatsApp In One Phone. Usually, we all are using Android smartphones which support Dual Sim. But the WhatsApp allow us to access only one Account at one Device. As We know we can create multiple WhatsApp accounts for multiple mobile numbers but access them with a single mobile phone is not possible.

In many cases, we use two mobile numbers such as one for our family and the second one for professional use. If you want to access both WhatsApp account and facing this problem then this post is especially for you. Today we are going to explain How To Use Two WhatsApp In One Phone. So Let’s get Started.

Methods for Use Two WhatsApp In One Phone

Here are 3 working methods to use dual WhatsApp on a single android device. Check out below and enjoy the free WhatsApp trick.

Method 1. Parallel Space-Multi Accounts

Parallel Space is an awesome android app which allows a user to sign in two different accounts for Facebook, Snapchat & WhatsApp etc on a single Android phone simultaneously. This is first and recommended method for all users.

This App is really easy to use Just Install this app from Google Play Store and After launching this app tap on plus button. Now you will see all apps which are installed on your device. Just select an app for example select WhatsApp and WhatsApp is installed into Parallel Space App. Now you can access another WhatsApp account in this app. So enjoy Dual WhatsApp account.

Method 2. WhatsMapp Solo

WhatsMapp solo is another useful App. With this App, we can create another Whatsapp account on the same Android device. It provides features like custom icons.

This app is simple to use, Download this app from given download button below and install it on your android device. Now follow the same steps as you follow to create a WhatsApp account.

Method 3. OG WhatsApp

Another way to use dual WhatsApp account, OG WhatsApp. Download the app with the given link below.

Step 1. First of all backup your chat and clear your WhatsApp data by going to Phone Setting >> Apps >> WhatsApp.

Step 2. Now go to file manager and change the WhatsApp folder name with OGwhatsApp.

Step 3. Now Download this app and Install it into your Mobile Phone.

Step 4. After launching this App create an account with new mobile number on OGwhatsApp.

Step 5. Now Install original WhatsApp and use your old mobile number. Congrats! Now you have two WhatsApp account.

Note: First one method is simple and easy to use. So, I recommend you to try Parallel Space App and enjoy the dual account of any Apps.

So these are the 3 best possible methods to Use Two WhatsApp In One Phone at the same time. If you face any problem please let us know in the comment section and don’t forget to share.

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