Top 5 Website & Tips – Before You Buy Any Bitcoin Currency

In our previous post, we shared with you about What Exactly is Bitcoin, it’s Value Price & Trading. Well for those who are unknown to Bitcoin currency concept – It’s a digital currency which makes moving of money really easy but it comes with many risks too. It is fully operated and managed through internet. Risks include violating your privacy, taking your money by hacking your account or keeping all the track of your spending. Do keep in mind all the secure measures before you buy any Bitcoin currency.


  • A person can have separate wallets to hold on with the Bitcoin currency. Savings and expenditure from same account may pose threat to the person in terms of abuse.
  • Try to avoid keeping your savings in your web wallet. It has been reported about several cases of hacking of web wallets. Though these are convenient but do prefer to keep a little amount of your money so that there is not much loss if anyhow your account is being hacked.
  • Don’t ever share your account private details with anyone. If you have separate savings and spending accounts, transactions should be made through a mixing service.
  • If you want to save your Bitcoins offline, avoid saving on PC or mac or Laptop so as to be safe from the attack of Trojan horse attacks. You can save them in your USB as a plain text or to be simple save as a QR code printed on a paper. If you want to transfer from your offline savings, you can use
  • It’s all about protecting yourself. If you are saving your wallets on PC you should have backup your files. Keys (private/public) saved in some file. Now you can put your file containing the wallet keys anywhere: – optical disk, portable hard drive, flash drive, etc. you can even store them up in Dropbox along with Truecrypt.

Buying Bitcoin is little risky and confusing in terms that from where to buy. One can earn profits tremendously but on the other hand one can lose as well. Here are the top best trusted websites from where you can buy Bitcoin currency.


  • BitVisitor: – Good and High payouts; average time is 5minutes/page
  • ABitBack: – Videos with complete surveys; reliable payouts
  • CoinController: – No risk; Huge payouts; chatroom included
  • LandofBitcoin: – Other earning options than other sites; simple and unique
  • BitCoinGet: – embedded earning tracker; better surveys

You can easily buy Bitcoin from Coinbase being in America and trade them to other currencies via BTC-E.

Have you bought some Bitcoins? Is it really that much easy? From which site you own your account? Which site you think is a worth referring?

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