WhatsApp Tricks, Tips & Hacks for Android, iPhone & iPad

WhatsApp, undoubtedly the best Instant Messenger available in the technology world. WhatsApp has over a Billion monthly active users worldwide due to its tremendous services. There are numerous reasons behind the popularity of this messenger app. Primary features of this messenger is that it allows its users to share unlimited text messages. You can share a lot many other things too within this app.

Fortunately, it’s available for free and run on your phone’s cellular data or on a Wi-Fi network so it doesn’t cost anything to make use of it. It automatically synchronise with your phone’s contacts list and so you don’t have to add contacts manually. By this way you can have all of your friends who are using this messenger in the list, instantly. To boosted this messenger and its usability up, here we have got something special for you. WhatsApp Tricks, Tips & Hacks for Android, iPhone and iPad users. Make the most out of this app right from here. Details are as follows!

WhatsApp Tricks, Tips & Hacks for Android, iPhone & iPad

1. Download WhatsApp profile picture of your friends

WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to let download and save any of your friends’ profile pictures. You can not download anyone’s profile picture on your phone. Well, you actually can do. There’s a simple trick here you need to follow to download any of your contacts’ profile picture within a second. WhatsApp has its own folder where it saves all the data of yours. First of all you have to open the contacts profile picture on your WhatsApp messenger. Now, close the app and go to your phone’s file manager option. Search for WhatsApp. Click on to it and go to profile pictures’ folder. Here you can see all of your contacts profile picture. Tap on to it and copy the picture wherever you want to. It’s easy and simple! Give it a try now!


2. Hide Last Seen of your Profile

Last Seen is probably the most annoying feature this app has got. People get completely pissed with this feature sometimes as it actually reveals the person’s availability. Sometimes what happens is you want to hide your actually availability but due to this feature you can be easily caught by the other friends of yours. To get rid of this feature, you need to download and install a third party app called, Not Last Seen. This app will actually disconnect your from the network so that you won’t be available for anyone. You can see all the messages which are received by you. Read them and you can send them messages too. Now, close the app and you will get your connectivity back. You can send messages to anyone, but the last seen time will not be updated on your profile. It’s completely cool and very useful app! Download it from the below link.

Download Not Last Seen for your Android Smartphone

If you are using an Apple device like iPhone or iPad, you are lucky enough as these devices have preinstalled feature which allows you to hide Last Seen option officially. To make use of this feature, go to your WhatsApp profile and explore the Settings option and turn off the Last Seen option. You’re done! No one in your contacts list will be seen your last seen!

3. Change your contact’s profile picture

This is something which is not cool, however people still like to make fun of their friends and closed ones. This way you can change the actual profile picture of your friends on your own phone. So that whenever he see his profile on your phone, he gets shocked! To make this feature live, you have to do a couple of things. If you already have decided to apply this changes, let’s get started.

First thing you need to do is keep one picture separate. The picture of which you want to set as a profile picture of a particular contact available on your list. Now, open paint and resize that picture with 561 * 561. Now, simply go to your file manager and save this picture here, sdcard/WhatsApp/Profile Pictures. Make sure to rename the picture name your friend’s contact number. E.g. if you friend’s phone number is 919191928 you are requested to change the name of that picture with this number. You’re done! Restart your phone and see the changes that you have recently made!

Whats’a your thought on this? Have you ever heard about such WhatsApp tips and tricks before? Do let us know your experience and share your views and opinions about this. Meanwhile, if you have any queries or questions, do let us know. For that, drop down a comment below this post as a comment in the comment section. We would definitely like to get interacted with you in future. Till then stay tuned with us and keep on sharing such awesomeness with your friends.

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