Wireless USB Stick – Expands your Mobile Phone’s Storage

Wireless USB Stick : What you do once your Smart Phone storage is Limited and there’s no choice to add an external storage devices? then what you do to carry all of your videos and documents wherever there’s not an iota of storage left on the device? hmm, you are doing have cloud-based services like Dropbox or Google Drive that add just about unlimited storage to your phone however you’ve to be connected to the net to access your files.

This week I’ve been testing a wireless USB stick from SanDisk that can adds storage to your smart phones and tablets very similar to an everyday use USB drive.

To started, you plug the USB device into your laptop computer or microcomputer and let it charge for regarding an hour or 2. you’ll additionally transfer the files to the stick from the PC through Finder on mac or windows Explorer.

Once the device is charged, you need to press the power button on the stick to turn the device on. Now what to do install the SanDisk Connect app on your Smart phone, attend LAN settings on your phone and connect with the Wi-Fi hotspot created by the USB stick. That’s it.

Wireless USB Stick – SanDisk

The content of the USB drive will currently be accessed from your Smart Phone. you’ll stream audio and video files hold on on the stick, you’ll browse photos, open PDF files and alternative documents in associated mobile apps and you’ll simply transfer files between the phone and therefore the wireless drive. it’s very similar to plugging a USB stick into your Smart phone however while not the wires.

The Wi-Fi network has no security by default however you are doing have an choice to add a Password for security to stop alternative close devices from connecting to the USB stick.

Unlike using the cloud storage, SanDisk’s Connect USB stick needs no net access (it can produce a hotspot that your mobile device can connect with) and multiple devices will connect to this USB drive over Wi-Fi. therefore if you’re carrying an iPad and an android Mobile Phone, not Just will the 2 devices connect with the stick at the same time however it are often used as a brief medium to transfer files between the android device and iOS.

The USB stick itself is solidly designed with a clear protecting casing although it’s clearly heavier and appears larger than regular USB sticks. The Sandisk mobile app will have some problems however none of them deal breaker. In my case, the iPad app often crashed particularly once reading huge PDF files. The Android app wouldn’t permit me to browse the net with cellular network while the mobile phone was connected to USB drive over LAN.

Sandisk Connect (Amazon.com, Flipkart.com) is compatible with each iOS and android devices and that USB stick is available on the market in many capacities from 16GB to 128GB. If you’re running out of space for storing on your smart phone and upgrading isn’t an choice, the Connect stick is perhaps the simplest method to expand your phone’s existing storage.

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